Monday, December 1


We are in the final countdown in 2014! 
Things are about to start getting really crazy around here 
between work, Tyson's finals, and everything involved in the Christmas festivities. 

So, since Tyson is at the Jazz game tonight with his class, 
I'm going to use this time to pop out my November blog so it doesn't get forgotten.


// P a p a  C h u c k // 
I always love when my dad is in town. 
He lives in California so we rarely get to see each other. 
He flew out here to meet his second grand baby earlier this month. 

Although our visits are very short, they're always nothing but the best :).

// A q u a r i u m //
My mom and I took my niece to the aquarium one day, 
just to take her off my brother's hands for a bit. 
She can be quite a handful but I love seeing her personality grow every time I see her.

We may or may not have had her carseat buckled in properly lol.
The camera is straight - she was tipped like this until we could get home 
and I was laughing the whole time haha

// U t a h  vs  O r e g o n // 
I haven't been to a Utah football game in 4 years 
and it's been a few years since Tyson was down on that field.
Since Tyson gets a great deal on tickets for being a current student, 
I got us tickets to the big Ute vs Duck game. 

It started out as an amazing game but quickly hit a brick wall and got worse pretty quickly. 
But, I had one of my besties doubling with me and Tyson so we had a lot of fun nonetheless. 

I'm glad Tyson still loves me after all of the screaming and dancing I did the entire game lol. 

// A d d i  &  t h e  K i t t i e s //
Addisyn loves animals so me and my sister-in-law drove to 
Best Friends Animal Society downtown where I volunteer. 
They have a some rooms where you can just go and play with kittens and cats. 
It's so much fun to get a little dose of my kitties once in a while. 

Addi just wanted to hold everything and the kittens 
definitely didn't want to be held like Simba on Pride Rock. 

// L i p s t i c k // 
Decided to try out some red lipstick for church one day. 

I felt like everyone was staring in a negative way and I constantly felt like it was all over my face.
After all of those years of dance performances, 
I didn't think I'd be such a paranoid lipstick hater lol.

As fun as it looks and as much as I wish I liked it, 
I couldn't kiss my husband, I thought it was on my teeth or smudged on my face all day, 
and I feel like it may be too 'harsh' for my face lol.

... You're welcome for my random anti-lipstick blurb haha

Moving on!  

// B a b y - s i t t i n g: round 107 //
Tyson and I enjoy getting to babysit for my brother when they need it. 
I always take it as a learning experience for my own little crazies one day 
and I love that I live close enough to be with my nieces whenever I need a fix too :)

// L o o k  W h o ' s  T w o // 
This little nugget is two years old and it's undeniably obvious as of late. 
She's sassy, independent, so smart, and just loves to play. 

Addi's been our little bright baby from day 1. 
She was walking at 8 months old, can work a remote and iPhone better than most adults, 
and she can twerk with a stank face better than most adults can too lol 

We celebrated her birthday a few days early so we could have more family there for her. 

My sister-in-law had me make the chalkboard - we hadn't used it since her 
baby bump pics with Addi! 
I hate working with chalk but it turned out super cute. 

I also made her cake-topper. 
It was 1 in the morning and not my best work, 
but it still looked super cute on her sprinkles cake Madison had made for her. 

Happy 2nd Birthday my little Addi-bug!!! 

// C h r i s t m a s  D e c o r // 
I know, I know... my decorations were up before Thanksgiving. 
And usually, they aren't. 
But since we were going to be out of town the last week of the month, 
I wanted to be able to come home and enjoy my Christmas right away. 

I seriously love my tree. 
I'm so happy I decided to change the colors out last year. 
The brown, gold, silver, and white fits my personality so much better 
and it makes the house feel warm and cozy. 

My mom made the star topper for me a few years ago and I love it.

Feather balls, icicles, frost clip-ins, and so much sassy fun :)  
Kitty cuddles by the Christmas tree
I saw a few ideas on pinterest for glitter canvases and wanted to make one for myself. 
Glitter letters at the craft store are insanely over-priced 
so I bought 2 sheets of glitter paper and made my own letters. 

They aren't perfect, but I'm pretty proud of my free-handed canvas :) 

There are random decorations throughout the house as well. 

yeah, we need to update our frames lol
I definitely want to add another coat of gold spray paint to the pinecones for an extra sparkle. 

And sewing table runners for my dining table will be my next big project for each season. 

I usually decorate my front door a lot more but kept it pretty simple this year. 

I also made my new winter wreath and absolutely love it. 
I'll have to take a picture in the daylight since I just hung it up tonight. 

About 1,600 individual half-back pearls were glued onto this sucker. 
Worth every hot-glue burn ;)

BTW, I hate the burnt orange colored door - I can't wait to have my own place one day!
Had to add a bow or something to the back to hide the end of the ribbon. 

I can't wait to have a place of my own one day to paint walls, hang curtains, 
and invest the time to make it my own. 
But for now, I'm doing my best with what I have :) 

// T h a n k s g i v i n g // 
A lot of people post endlessly throughout November expressing their gratitude; 
I even saw someone post, 
"If you don't share your gratitude on social media then it doesn't exist." 
- I seriously hope they were joking lol. 

I'm beyond grateful for so many things in life, and they're far too high in number 
to blab all over the internet about .... plus.... 
who's really going to remember what I did or didn't post about anyways right? 
I have my blessings and gratitude in my heart 
and share them daily with those loved ones around me. 

I was especially grateful this year to spend time with family 
in St. George at my parent's house. 

My aunt and her family even flew in from California and Florida to play for the week! 

My family has always been really close with my mom's sister, my uncle, and their 4 boys. 
They used to live here in Utah but work took them to New York, Minnesota, and now Florida. 
So any opportunity to see them is a blessing. 
Missing the oldest boy and his fiancee. Photo taken by yours truly.  
SO MANY pictures were taken this weekend so here are a handful of my favorites. 

We volunteered to drive the two-year-old there and back. 
I was terrified, it was a little bit of birth control, but she was actually really well-behaved!

Addi was obsessed with by step-brother Sam the whole weekend! 
She called out for him AT LEAST 100x/day.

A little Phase 10 the first night. 

My aunt and two of her boys.
/Thanksgiving day/

My aunt never had any girls and doesn't have grand babies yet, 
so Harper got LOTS of attention :)
Max may have been a bit jealous haha

I LOVE Addi snuggles!

Joined Addi for a quick pre-turkey nap

Post-Turkey dinner. 
My mom is gorgeous and is definitely beyond one of my biggest blessings in life. 

/ Cards Against Humanity /
It's a good thing Addi was too distracted to hear what was going on lol 

Massages the next morning for the girls!

I made yummy crepes for dessert :)
Crepes, delicious filling, ice cream, fruit, sauce

A little family wiffle-ball in the park on our last day. 
We have quite the competitive bunch to say the least lol

A little Saturday night college football. 
I just love this picture of Harper holding onto Tyson's finger. 
Amazing future daddy right there. 
(no, that's not a hint)

Since it's so hard to get the family together for pictures, 
we took advantage of this weekend and took a lot of great pics. 
They turned out pretty good without a professional! 

// I'm beyond grateful for this handsome, patient, loving husband of mine. //

Family is the center of everything that makes me tick, makes me who I am, 
and makes me want to better myself everyday. 
I couldn't imagine going through life with any other group of people. 

Such an amazing, fun-filled weekend 
enjoying the beautiful St. George weather and lots of family time. 

I hope everyone had an amazing Thanksgiving holiday 
and spent it with loved ones by your side.

The whole Thanksgiving crew


I'm so excited to start working on the annual Family DVD 
and reminisce over this amazing year we've had. 

I already know 2015 has some amazing moments in store for us :). 

Well, by the time I blog again, it will be January 2015!! 

See you next year everyone! :) 

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