Tuesday, June 28

Not So Hidden Talents

Well this weekend sure was exhausting - for me at least.

Friday, Tys & I hit up one of the last Blaze games of the season; I think there is still one more home game next month. It was a really fun game though! They won 61-60! So much fun! One of the players proposed to his girlfriend of TWO weeks before the game haha oh boy are they in for a learning experience.

Saturday, I had a dentist appointment early that morning while Tyson went to his usual workout in Orem; the dentist wanted to replace an old silver filling for a white one haha ugh really? But it went just fine and afterwards I went up (south from where we live but up the mountain lol) to my mom's for the day. I HAD to finish up my dad's Birthday present (as it's on July 1st) and also had to finish working on Ryan & Madison's wedding DVD.

Ry & Mad were nice enough to hire me to do their wedding DVD! I gathered all of the baby, dating, engagement, bridal, and wedding pictures, along with all of the video I took at Ryan & Madison's wedding, threw it all together to their favorite songs and VOILA! A gorgeous wedding DVD that I'm very proud of and hope that they love. I'm going to attempt to put some of their DVD on my blog to share (if they'll allow it). I'll figure out how to do that one of these days lol.
I have been making DVDs for about 7 years now. I think it all started with making compiled cheer videos my sophomore year so I would have something to watch and learn from.
Sr. year cheer camp at the UofU

It quickly evolved into the annual family video. I compile all of the video and pictures from the whole year, add music, a fancy label cover, and every Christmas the family watches it. It has become such a fun tradition and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE making them! 
Family picture 2009
After my aunt had seen one of the family videos, she suggested to my mom that I create my grandparent's 50th Anniversary DVD! I was so excited to take on a new project! It turned out so fabulous and my grandparents tell me they watch it almost everyday. (maybe they really don't but it's nice to believe they do lol) 
My grandpa & grandma with my aunt Linda
I also ended up creating a DVD for my mom's 50th Birthday last year - man was that a challenge; doing her video and the annual Christmas one all in a couple weeks span! But I did it and both turned out great!  I honestly haven't finished a DVD that I didn't think was perfect. I'm a perfectionist and won't let anyone see it until I know it's fully complete.
Decorations from my mom's 50th
I take a lot of pride in these DVDs and I love making them! Steve wants me to teach him how to create them since he thinks I'd stop making them once I was married lol. I told him I never want to stop making them, all I need is a quality computer so I don't have to head to my mom's house every time - Christmas list to Santa already started maybe? :)

So between finishing my dad's birthday present and finishing Ry's DVD, I spent about 10 hrs in front of the computer Saturday lol. My family was nice enough to pull me away for some Wiffle-Ball for an hour break.
(our neighbors house in the back) Cul de sac wiffle ball! 

Sunday, my cousins from Minnesota flew out to head to EFY at the U of U (smart location) :). I love these two - we even introduced them to the family Wiffle-Ball game after a nice BBQ; not so sure they ever want to play again lol.

PHEW long update... but thought I would share about one of my favorite not-so hidden talents :) 

Wednesday, June 22

Date-night with the Ehins

Tyson & I love hanging out with Ryan & Madison. We really always have so much fun no matter what we're doing. We want to start a little tradition; dinner together once a week (or every other). Last night, Tyson and I drove to their apartment in Lehi. 
Ryan and Madison made dinner . . . . 
Pork burrito recipe from Cafe Rio *not actual picture
. . . and Tyson and I made dessert. . . 
Strawberries/bananas/pound cake/raspberries with whipped cream-pudding *not actual picture
Also had Nutella with Peanut Butter to dip everything in as well *not actual picture
The dips are so yummy! The first one i ended up creating on accident. It's nothing too fancy - just a pint of real whipping cream, add sugar and blend until nice and thick. Then just add 1 package of vanilla pudding (already refrigerated and firm) stir and keep cold. its SO good! The chocolate dip is just Nutella and chunky peanut butter (I got the idea from Melting Pot). I love them so much and I think I got Madison hooked :) 
The rest of the night was pretty chill. The boys ended up playing Mortal Kombat 9 . . . 

. . . and Madison and I just chatted and Facebook stalked (yes, we probably stalked you ;) lol).  

We actually found some super cute blog sites for sewing and quilt work, etc. on Cluck Cluck Sew
I made a HUGE t-shirt quilt for my step-dad for Christmas (which I vowed I would never make again; it ended up being about 10ft x 8ft big!) so Madison wants some help on sewing a quilt for her place. We both LOVE these pillows and I want to start making one once I'm done with my dad's birthday project. 

Ryan is so funny when Mortal Kombat comes on. Literally, once the start screen is on, you can't get one word out of him he's so focused; it's hysterical! He did stop every few minutes so I could read off some secret codes I found online; it seriously reminded me of when Ryan bought the first game in 1994(5). He would NEVER let me play, but I sat by his side reading off the plays from his cheat books for hours on end. Anything to get my big brother to play with me :). 

This picture makes me laugh and describes their night...
There's Ryan and his focused-face, and Tyson going nuts because they're about to win! haha good times. 

Tyson and I had such a fun time, the four of us are already planning quick getaways and more hangout dates

Love you two and thanks for having us over!

Monday, June 20

Buckin' Horses

Weekend update!

Friday, Tyson and I went to Mulligan's. I found 2 tickets for $6.50 on citydeals.com! They have some amazing deals and I'm already guilty of buying a few things. I'll have to keep an eye on myself with those cheap site like livingsocial.com and groupon.com!
Mulligan's; we love mini-golf :)
Batting Cages at Mulligan's
I'm horrible at hitting; no wonder i stuck to dance and cheer 
Saturday, we went to the P.G. Strawberry Days rodeo. We've gone a few times now with Tyson's friends and it's always so much fun! We LOVE the strawberries and cream, it's never a disappointment.
SO good!
The whole gang :)
I personally cannot stand when they rope the babies. It's sad
Sunday was of course, Father's Day! I'm so lucky that I have not only one but THREE amazing dad's in my life!
Jason is the new dad :). I'm very lucky to have such an amazing father-in-law. He cares so much about his family. Really. All he talks about is how much he loves them lol. It's a good thing :). And if you know Jason, he is a HUGE hugger! So if you ever meet him, don't be surprised if he goes in for one.
Steve has been such an amazing dad. He's been raising me since I was about 10. The poor guy came in at a really rough age for young girls lol. I gave him a really hard time, pushed his buttons, and tested his limits countless times. But we are closer than ever and I couldn't have asked for a better step-dad.
My dad Chuck is an amazing man as well. No matter how far apart we've been most of my life, we've been really good at staying close. He has one of the most tender hearts I've ever known. He's my big teddy bear. I was lucky enough to have a daddy-daughter-weekend back in November where I flew out to San Diego for the UofU football game and the Chargers game as well. I'm also so happy I got to see him for mine and Ryan's weddings!

All three of my dads are completely different in almost every way! But the best part is, each one of them contributes so much to my life; more than they know. Each one fits my life perfectly and fills my life with even more joy.

Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there - but, especially my three guys! 

Wednesday, June 15

We Made It!

We made it one month! Not a huge accomplishment but hey, it's an anniversary to celebrate.

Tys & I decided to change it up a bit and take TRAX to downtown SLC for the evening. It was a fun change but TRAX wasn't even close to being timely and it can get a bit sketchy! But nonetheless, good times as always :).
We decided to keep it chill and just eat at Applebees since Tyson wasn't really feeling anything else that the Gateway had. But we got free drinks and it was yummy :).
We wanted to go to a show at the Planetarium but all of the good ones had ended by the time we got there, so we just wandered the exhibits and gadgets area. I seriously could be in that place all day. EVERYTHING about space fascinates me! Tyson thinks I am such a nerd, but ever since I took my Astro-physics class at the U my Freshman year, I have been obsessed! It's my happy place :)
Look how gorgeous! It's absolutely amazing! :)

Everyone always said we would love marriage; and even though the tension can rise while we continuously grow and learn to work together, I know everything will be perfectly fine in the end. 

"He never said it would be easy; He only said it would be worth it" 
. . . . And so far, it really is. 

Monday, June 13

Deja Vu

Another eventful weekend in the Buck household!

Friday was Haylee's 19th Birthday! Tyson's sister is such a funny girl! She has been  putting me in stitches since the day I met her. She seriously makes us laugh every minute we are with her. She's currently attending beauty school at The Forum Accedemia. We had a true bonding time when she waxed my armpits a while back lol. She is so amazing at what she does! If you ever need a haircut, color, nails, or whatever, ask for Haylee Buck! *its cheap too* :). But seriously, I'm so lucky to have her as a sister-in-law. She is so much fun and so fun to be around. I know Tyson loves her too, even though her mood swings terrify him sometimes lol. Happy Birthday Hay! Last year as a "teen"! 
Red Lobster
After Haylee's birthday dinner at Red Lobster, Tyson and I met up with Ryan & Madison at Boondocks; yes people, we went to Boondocks again! haha we LOVE that place and we love double-dating with Ry & Mad! They are so much fun to be around and it's so nice having them as new newlyweds as well, Madison and I always have some fun conversations about new married life :).

Tyson has a pretty heavy workout schedule; pretty much 5-6 days a week! So while he was working out Saturday morning, I headed to my mom's house to work on a project for my dad's upcoming 50th birthday! *I'm in love with these projects i create, but I can't post about it yet because he reads my blog* So once my dad receivs his gift in the mail, I'll post a little bit about it :)
That day, the whole Shillingford/Ehin clan got together for dinner and some wiffle-ball! We play every summer out in the cul de sac. It is so much fun; even if I'm extremely horrible with hand-eye coordination. Such a fun family summer game!
After some family time, Tyson & I, you guessed it... went to a movie! We seriously don't go to that many movies usually, but since we canceled Comcast and don't have TV yet, we rent and go to a lot of movies lol.
Super 8 was a really cute/good movie! It's like a mix between Stand By Me, The Goonies, and E.T.. Very fun and worth the money; speaking of... is it just me or did evening movie prices go up another quarter?! Hello!? I need to start saving my pennies i suppose ;).
Sunday was very chill for Tys & I. After we went to the park to get some fresh air, I made us a very nice Sunday dinner. We usually eat at one of our parents' for Sunday dinner, but I decided to be a good wifey and cook this time.
Steak, potatoes, corn, bread, ham italian salad, & watermelon.
I thought I did a pretty good job! I love cooking, I just wish I had more time to do it since I get home around 5pm everyday. Maybe Tyson should start surprising me with some dinners :) I love when Tyson cooks; he is so much better at it than he gives himself credit for.

Well, after dinner we of course, Redboxed another movie. We chose Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows since Part 2 comes out next month. I felt so lost half of the time! I guess I don't remember as much about the previous movie as I thought! Turns out I have seen about the last 15 minutes of Part 1 and have no idea where I saw it. But just like Pirates, Harry Potter is always an entertaining movie. However, I don't feel that Harry really accomplished a whole lot this movie. Guess Part 2 will just have to be INSANE!
That's all for our weekend! Busy and fun as always! Tomorrow is our 1 month anniversary and we have a few things planned :).

We are loving married life and are constantly learning how to better ourselves for each other every day.

Wednesday, June 8


Tyson and I feel like children of divorced families when it comes to the weekends lol. We try to spend every other weekend with the other's family when there's a chance.
Saturday we went up to the UofU for Tyson's brother's football games with Lone Peak High at the "Ute Shoot". Josh is such a great player and he's only a Jr. this coming year! The talent definitely runs in the family :)
That night we went to the Utah Blaze game. Tyson's dad is a co-owner of the Blaze so we love to go to all of the home games. They really are so much fun! Even if they lose (which has been rare at home), it's still fun because you are right in the action and they're flying over walls constantly! It's a fun family-night event, so consider going when you need something to do :)
Kevin, Hayle, Tys, Me & Josh @ the Blaze game
So much fun being right IN the game!
Sunday we went to church with Tyson's family and spent the rest of the day at Boondocks. Now I know what you're thinking, "How dare they break the Sabbath and spend money and do stuff on a Sunday!" But we don't see it that way. Yes we do our best not to spend money and go out on Sundays, but when you rarely get to see your family, you take any time you get and spend it together. Not to mention, Tyson and Josh have seriously been begging to go to Boondocks for months!

It was so much fun! Tyson and I could spend every weekend at Boondocks! Always a good time.

Tuesday, June 7

Can't Go Wrong

You'll come to find that Tyson and I LOVE movies! And I'll probably end up posting our thoughts about the movies everytime we watch a new one :).

This past weekend we were able to have a FREE night at the Megaplex! For my birthday, my company gave me a couple of tickets to the theatre and we also had a free refill for our Megaplex mug we bought last year (best investment for movie go-ers!) Newlyweds gotta love free things haha.

You seriously can't go wrong with a Pirates movie. They're pretty much gauranteed to give you what you paid for. Tyson and I love these movies and this one was great! Completely entertaining the whole time! And my favorite part of the whole movie??? NO KEIRA KNIGHTLEY! I can't stand looking at her and that mouth thing she does for 2 hours lol. Penelope Cruz was a better step-up (not the best, but better)

Tyson and I also Redboxed ....
Such a great movie! I remember watching a documentary in health class a long time ago about this incident. This guy is amazing! I seriously could never have survived what he did; although, I never would have been in that situation since I hate tight spaces and hiking in the middle of nowhere.

Did anyone else notice the flaw in the filming though?! I can't believe how obvious it was!

So he falls down the crack with his backpack on, gets one hand stuck under the rock, yet still manages to take off and on his backpack more than once. haha I don't get it.

But great movie nonetheless!

We had an active weekend and I have pictures, but I still need to upload them. So, a new post to come soon about our Buck Family Weekend :)

Friday, June 3

New Identity

It's true, I have a new I.D. :) I got my first official document with my NEW name on it! I always hate my driver's license picture so this is a rare occasion I'm posting it for all to see - I just want to show the new name!

Private info has been removed :)
BTW! If you EVER have to go to the DMV, MAKE AN APPOINTMENT ONLINE! Not exaggerating, I was in and out in 10 minutes flat! There was a huge line to the door, but you get to just walk right to the front, say "I have an appointment" and you are next. Even when they give you a number to sit and wait for an open window, your number is called first! AWESOME! Gotta love the internet :)

I am so happy to be a part of the Buck family. Seriously. I couldn't have asked for better in-laws. They have been extremely welcoming since the first time I hung out with his whole family July 4th a couple years ago. Even his extended family is so sweet! I knew when I went to the Orr family reunion last summer that it was a make it or break it situation (I come from a family of about 6 cousins; Tyson had about 30 under one roof!) But it was so much fun and I LOVE all of them!

How many people get to say they love ALL of their in-laws?

I think Tyson scored pretty well too :)

Nothing like bringing together two football families filled with non-stop energy!

Wednesday, June 1


Guess I'm not alone if this logo was created for google lol

Seriously! Save us from Comcast!
I had Comcast a little over a year ago and my bill got higher and higher each month. The last one came in at $130 and I canceled that day.

So I got Direct TV and fell in LOVE! Our installer was extremely nice and stayed 4 hours late just to be sure everything was perfect since we had a few issues. Not to mention, we got the same bill every month! I was in heaven! (Minus the giant dish on our deck). 

The day came where Tyson and I were looking for a new apartment; we found the one we loved and requested anything but north facing as we had a dish that needed signal. Where did our landlord put us? NORTH FACING!! So we were desperate and basically forced to use Comcast through our "community rep." I've come to the conclusion that he doesn't infact work at Comcast because every "deal" he has told us about, NO ONE at Comcast knows anything about! 
Well, poor Mr. Andrew from Comcast got the wrath of Sarah today. The conversation started out well, we were getting where we needed to, until I mentioned my online bill of $165.88 (this is after I paid $105 4 days ago). He started feeding me excuses and lies about where the money came from and what dates they covered. I let him have it! How DARE Comcast charge me almost $170 for TV and Internet ONLY! I told him no one in that company should be working there because none of them really know what they're talking about, no one can answer my questions, and they all have a different story. 

So PLEASE!!! Someone help us find a service for internet and TV - we only need it for probably 4 months. 

(If Tyson didn't need his Sports Center/ESPN, I would be fine with no TV) But the search continues and we need your help!