Tuesday, June 7

Can't Go Wrong

You'll come to find that Tyson and I LOVE movies! And I'll probably end up posting our thoughts about the movies everytime we watch a new one :).

This past weekend we were able to have a FREE night at the Megaplex! For my birthday, my company gave me a couple of tickets to the theatre and we also had a free refill for our Megaplex mug we bought last year (best investment for movie go-ers!) Newlyweds gotta love free things haha.

You seriously can't go wrong with a Pirates movie. They're pretty much gauranteed to give you what you paid for. Tyson and I love these movies and this one was great! Completely entertaining the whole time! And my favorite part of the whole movie??? NO KEIRA KNIGHTLEY! I can't stand looking at her and that mouth thing she does for 2 hours lol. Penelope Cruz was a better step-up (not the best, but better)

Tyson and I also Redboxed ....
Such a great movie! I remember watching a documentary in health class a long time ago about this incident. This guy is amazing! I seriously could never have survived what he did; although, I never would have been in that situation since I hate tight spaces and hiking in the middle of nowhere.

Did anyone else notice the flaw in the filming though?! I can't believe how obvious it was!

So he falls down the crack with his backpack on, gets one hand stuck under the rock, yet still manages to take off and on his backpack more than once. haha I don't get it.

But great movie nonetheless!

We had an active weekend and I have pictures, but I still need to upload them. So, a new post to come soon about our Buck Family Weekend :)

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