Wednesday, June 8


Tyson and I feel like children of divorced families when it comes to the weekends lol. We try to spend every other weekend with the other's family when there's a chance.
Saturday we went up to the UofU for Tyson's brother's football games with Lone Peak High at the "Ute Shoot". Josh is such a great player and he's only a Jr. this coming year! The talent definitely runs in the family :)
That night we went to the Utah Blaze game. Tyson's dad is a co-owner of the Blaze so we love to go to all of the home games. They really are so much fun! Even if they lose (which has been rare at home), it's still fun because you are right in the action and they're flying over walls constantly! It's a fun family-night event, so consider going when you need something to do :)
Kevin, Hayle, Tys, Me & Josh @ the Blaze game
So much fun being right IN the game!
Sunday we went to church with Tyson's family and spent the rest of the day at Boondocks. Now I know what you're thinking, "How dare they break the Sabbath and spend money and do stuff on a Sunday!" But we don't see it that way. Yes we do our best not to spend money and go out on Sundays, but when you rarely get to see your family, you take any time you get and spend it together. Not to mention, Tyson and Josh have seriously been begging to go to Boondocks for months!

It was so much fun! Tyson and I could spend every weekend at Boondocks! Always a good time.

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