Wednesday, June 27

Some Bad Luck & NYC!

If you're looking for a quick read and pictures scroll down. If you've got some time to delve into my life these past two weeks, then read on :)

Let's get the not so fun stuff out of the way and we can end on a happy note :)

For those of you who are my Facebook friends, I'm sure you are somewhat up-to-speed on our bad luck streak going on around here. I thought by leaving Utah, things would chill out while I was gone and not be so bad when I got home....wrong.

Let's list the bad luck going on and I will divulge
1. Someone from the UK tries buying motorcycle equipment on our credit card
2. Someone ran a credit report with my debit card information
3. Southwest calls multiple times stating they have me on a flight I never booked
4. Flight from TX > NY gets canceled;
5. Tyson gets in an accident Saturday afternoon
6. We both get rear-ended Tuesday afternoon

Maybe you feel this is not so bad, let me remind you, this is all in a TWO WEEK time period.

1. I check my bank accounts about 5 times a day: OCD, but for purposes like this, I was able to catch losing thousands of dollars. The account is for Tyson's tuition; cards have never been used and have been in my wallet since day 1. WellsFargo tells me the thief got my account information from my card- weird. Thankfully Wells Fargo, as always, was so helpful and has returned the money back into our account in full.

2. Decided to run my free credit report online and make sure things were good to go. (DO NOT use - horrible reviews, and from personal experience, TERRIBLE customer service). The following day, I had a $20 charge on my account for the FREE report I ran. I call up the appropriate contact, "Does a Mary Ann have access to your credit card?" oh yes that's my... duh NO! They immediately within 24 hours returned the money back into my account as "Mary" had accessed it around the same time-frame....weird.

3. Phone Rings (automated voice): "This is Southwest Airlines. If this is Sarah Buck press 1" ... 1... "Your flight for Friday June 15th to Houston, TX has been moved to 7:30 PM. Thank you." .... oh how nice of them to remind m.... what the... A) I can't remember the last time I even flew Southwest. B) My flight wasn't until Friday the 22nd.....Phone Rings (automated voice): "This is Southwest Airlines. If this is Sarah Buck press 1" ... 1... "Your flight for Friday June 15th to Houston, TX has been moved to Gate B10. Thank you." .... oh how nice of them to let me kn.... what the... okay time to call Southwest. Of course, horrible customer service once I tell them I'm not flying with them that night; I figured with my full name, telephone number, departure city, and my connecting flight for next week on file, they could have told me SOMETHING. I hope Sarah A Buck from SLC had a safe flight in 26A; I personally don't like the window seat but to each their own. I scanned my bank accounts hundreds of times - nothing... good to go... but weird.

4. Flight from Utah > Houston; no trouble, on-time. Arrive in Houston, some time to spare to catch a bite and wait for boarding. The time on "Departure Time" slowly moves from 7PM > 7:45PM > 8:30 > 9:30. Okay, well, I guess I can handle getting into NY at 2AM. I'll be tired but at least I'll get there. I decide to get comfortable and continue reading my book. I glance up at the screen in hopes of a sooner boarding time... the word CANCELED laughs right in my face. I grab my things and walk up to the desk, "Are we going to be assigned to different flights since this one is cancelled?" "It's cancelled?" (turns around at the screen) "No one even told us!" People around me start panicking as I stand first in line ready for my rescheduled flight. "The next available flight is at 5AM tomorrow landing in Newark." "I'll take it!" I figured because I was one of the few not freaking out, she handed me my new ticket, pointed to "Seat 3A" and gave me a wink. I guess I can handle the airport overnight to be rewarded with First Class in the morning. It wasn't horrible; I kept reading and tried to make a pillow out of some sweat pants (didn't think to pack a jacket or a blanket). The temperature had dropped to the low 60s and I couldn't take it anymore. I gathered my things and sat on the bathroom counter, reading my book, under the hand dryers - perfect idea.

5. Tyson picks me up, we spend about 2 hours making our way from New Jersey to Long Island so he can drop me off at the hotel before he gets called onto a job. I couldn't get an early check-in so I just chilled in the lobby reading. About 15 minutes goes by and I see Tyson's name come up on my phone. I immediately knew he had gotten in an accident. "Hello?" "Hey, ummm so I just got in an accident." Running on about an hour of sleep in the past 36 hours (couldn't get comfortable on the plane), I wasn't sure how to react to this or what to do. Staying calm, I do what I can to help with limited resources. Towing guy gave Tyson his company car to drive the rest of the day until we could get a rental the next day. So nice of him!

6. After a fun last few days with the hubs, we decide to head out a little earlier than planned to get to the airport. Driving down the L.I.E. at about 65, traffic comes to a stop in about 5 seconds, the car behind us stops, and all of a sudden I hear squealing tires, a loud crash, and we jolt forward, hitting the car in front of us before ricocheting back again to the car behind us. I'm known to have late reactions and this was no exception. Once we had been hit, then hit the one in front, its then that i decide to scream.. close enough... Tys and I both curse at the same time.... REALLY??? I am BEYOND grateful we decided to purchase rental car insurance. I told the lady at the time, with our luck we might as well get it. I start panicking because I can't miss my flight; we've already dealt with expensive flight changes and didn't want it to happen again. Everyone was pretty calm and working together; except the foreign man who caused the whole scene - said it wasn't his fault since we slammed on our breaks. Sorry buddy, not how it works here in the US. Thankfully we were able to leave for the airport while the ladies took care of the foreigner; gotta love the strong New York women. However, I was annoyed with all the honking and screaming as people had to move around us - not to mention people on the other side of the barrier were driving slow, windows down and making fun of us.... really??? RUDE! It's safe to say, after a weekend on those roads... and I can't believe I'm gonna say it.... I missed Utah drivers! lol that's how bad it is :)

.....let's just hope this sore neck and back doesn't turn into something worse.....

*With all of this crap going on, I know I'm just being challenged. I'm okay with it; I just wish they were cheaper challenges! I've always been short tempered and quick to react before thinking. These past few years I've really focused on taking a deep breath and thinking about what I'm about to say, how I'm going to react, and if it's even worth reacting to. I take quiet moments to assess my situation and make a mental list (yes, I love all kinds of lists!) of what I can fix now and what is out of my control. I deal with my responsibilities and wait for the chips to fall where they may. It's been making my life a lot easier to deal with lately that's for sure.... I'm ready for my good luck to come back around... or no luck at all. I don't need good luck or bad luck... I just want to go drama free for at least a week lol.

I once heard a phrase that was something like, Instead of thinking 'Why Me?' think 'Why Not?' Seriously though. Who am I to go through life without trials. It's all about how you handle it.

Onto the fun stuff!
I've clumped the weekend in pictures so it's not a long scrolling page of single pics.

Our first kisses in 46 days... way too long for anyone! 
Tyson loved his rental car; except for the color :)
Aboard the LIRR to head to Manhattan
 Lovin the nasty busy streets of New York :)

Heading on in to Madame Tussaud's
love the bitter beer face man lol 
I'm sure you'll be able to recognize these next few people :)

Then we kept walking to head for Times Square...
eww gross ... kissing... :)

Then made our way up to Central Park...
So sad the zoo was closed :(

Such a fun Sunday afternoon in the busy city of NYC!

I loved having IHOP crepes every morning! The waitress said they're pulling my crepe off the menu next month.... we had a deep discussion about how we thought it was the worst decision IHOP could make! lol
 Nothing like ending the nights with a 7eleven run for my favorite treats :D

Tyson had to work Monday so I chilled with my book and ordered some bland overpriced room service.
Yes, I realize my book collection now consists of the Fifty Shades trilogy, and no, I'm not ashamed nor am I embarrassed. I'm grown up, married, and mature enough to handle a raunchy fictitious romance novel that seems to resemble a Rated R version of Twilight lol.
I will delve into this further once I wrap up the series here shortly :)

I had such a great weekend with the hubs and can't wait to see him July 20th! YOU HEAR THAT SOUTHWEST?! NOT YOUR AIRLINE FOR JULY 20TH! ;)

Love you to infinity baby... can't wait to see you in a few short weeks
(ew... gross... more kissing) haha

Wednesday, June 20

It's a Girl!

Been a couple of weeks since the last post; ma bad. I'd like to say I've been uber busy, but I haven't, or maybe I have and I can't remember what I've been doing everyday without the hubs lol. My mind is going and I'm only 23 lol - good luck with this brain in the future Sarah!

We had such a cute little luncheon for Ryan and Madison for their "gender revealing". My aunt was laughing when we told her that not even Ry & Mad knew what the baby was and thats what this shin-dig was for; she said Utahans love to make a HUGE deal out of every event lol. Kinda true, but hey, it gives us a great excuse to plan, craft, cook, eat, and be with people we love :) 

They had the cutest cake made that said "What will it Bee?", so when everyone had finally arrived, they cut into the cake and voila! 

So excited to have my first (biological Ehin-blooded) niece!!! :) 

I told Mad that I would babysit often so as to keep the baby-hungries away lol. It'll be doubled-up birth control; knowing I can at least hand the baby back when she's wailing, vomiting, and pooping lol. 

My mom asked me to make a pinwheel bouquet instead of a flower bouquet to change it up a bit...

The picture is kind of "orangey" but I love how the pinwheels turned out! I made 12 of them and got it down to 1 pinwheel in 5 minutes :) not too shabby for first time pinwheels! Thankfully I had some buttons and pearls to make them even cuter. 

I haven't been as crafty this go around with being alone, but maybe it'll start kicking in now that I have: 

So far I LOVE my Cricut cutter! I still need to sit down one day and watch the instructional DVD and learn everything it can do. 

I'm making a banner for my mom's church lesson in a couple of weeks; "BEE a Missionary". So I made a trip to Hobby Lobby and started using my Cricut last night - definitely a great investment. And "investment" is literal - these are definitely not cheap and you have to continually buy more images, shapes, letters, etc if you want to have better variety; which I definitely do! I know what I'm asking for presents now :) 

I FINALLY get to see the hubs Friday!!!!! I seriously can not wait! It will have been exactly one and a half months since we've seen each other when I fly in Friday night. WAAAYY too long! He'll be working most of Saturday and Monday but we have some fun plans for his day off Sunday. We'll be hitting up New York City!! CAN NOT WAIT!! 

I'll be sure to post fun pics from our weekend together in the big city :) 


Thursday, June 7

Baby Bump Tracker

Maybe a slight chance you thought it was for me? haha sorry to burst your bubble; definitely won't be me for a few years. But, my sister-in-law Madison has been sweet enough to involve me in some of her baby events! We're starting her monthly/weekly baby bump tracker and I love how they're turning out so far.
We'll most likely be doing a different background next time but it'll still be at my mom's house since we love the outdoorsy rock look.

They will make cute babies :)
Can't wait to see her bump grow! We'll be at her Fetal Fotos appointment on Monday! Can't wait to see the little alien inside lol ;)

Thanks Mad (& Ry) for letting me be a part of this :)

Monday, June 4

Fitness Play Dates

I just got back from a great Monday Kickboxing class; kicks my butt every time! Seriously! The only thing that made it better this time? I had a buddy!! My close friend Lexie came with me this time. Her husband is in class Mondays and Wednesdays and I'm alone, so we're going to take a class those two days and then do our own thing every other day. 

So, between my gym buddy and my hiking buddies, I better be fit by the end of summer lol. 

I completely miss my cheer body! I know I'll never be where I was because a cheer body is completely unique considering how you get it - tumbling, jumping, kicking, running, dancing, and throwing people EVERY SINGLE DAY ALL YEAR LONG! I wish there were cheer clinics for stiff old people like me ;) - I'd go in a heartbeat! 
Clockwise: 1)Sophomore year  2)Best stunt group EVA! 3)  Crazy Day at camp, we rocked the mullet every year! 4)Sophomore year 5) car wash.
YES! HELLO?! Of course I miss those legs and check out my arms! Maybe one day I can have a piece of this back ;) 

Any who, I've never really had workout buddies so hopefully this helps! I don't like actually working out with people cuz we end up just talking instead of working out, but to have a friend taking classes with me is definitely gonna help! 

YAY for fitness play dates with girlfriends!! (and hope you enjoyed the random cheer pics I found lol) 

Saturday, June 2

Mother Nature can ruin everything

I can't believe Saturday is almost over! Better hurry and squeeze in some movie/TV time!

I was lucky enough to see my girls AGAIN today! I'm glad we said we were going to play this summer and we actually are! haha love them to pieces!

We went to Mimi's Cafe for breakfast before our hike... well, we didn't actually make it to our hike lol. We were too busy looking for new swimsuits for a day at Seven Peaks "after the hike" lol. We were just moseying around town and before we knew it, it was 2 o'clock. Unfortunately, Mother Nature decided to ruin the rest of our afternoon plans with rain, clouds, and wind.

We thought we could wait it out a bit so we went to get snow cones, but ended up laying out on Haley's tramp and completely passed out for a couple of hours lol. The weather never got better so we just decided that instead of pretending we wanted to do a hike next Saturday, we would just make a day of making sure we were at Seven Peaks (weather permitting of course). I haven't been there since Jr High and I just want some Vitamin D and a wave pool to relax in :)

After hangin with the girls, I decided to see what the fam was up to so I headed up to my mom's. Turns out they were just doing yard work, but I chipped in and helped them pull a tree down and throw it down the mountain in the back yard; well, Alex did most of the pulling but I was definitely a great cheerleader and kept him going :).

That's about all for my Saturday; Tyson had some rough installs today. He knows what he's doing completely, but sometimes problems start happening one after another on jobs. It sounded like everyone got in 3+ jobs today so that's always a success! I'm sure he's ready for his day off tomorrow.

BTW, can I just tell you how SICK I am of our neighbors below us??!! Even as I'm writing this, some strange noise is going on! It starts at 6am and occurs off and on all day until about 11pm. Tyson and I can't even explain what the noise is; and that's what makes it that much worse - not knowing what it is! At first we thought it was just them moving in and hanging things on walls and what not, but obviously not because 2 months later it's still happening every day. It almost sounds like something being rolled on a wall or on the floor. Not even sure if they have a kid. Maybe it's a meth lab or something lol But seriously!! KNOCK IT OFF!  I've already banged on the floor and walls and even left a note from the "rest of the neighbors" lol. Don't people know that they are not the only ones living in this giant apartment complex - be a little more courteous please.

Thanks for letting me vent :) 

Hope everyone has a good rest of their weekend!

Friday, June 1


I finally jumped onboard the Instagram train and I don't know what took me so long! I actually downloaded it quite a while ago, but didn't know what to do so I just deleted it that same day lol (I have a lot of patience, can ya tell? haha)

I just love how the pictures turn out; makes me feel super artsy with no effort :). If you don't have it, GET IT! I LOVE looking at people's pictures! (in a non-creepy way of course)

My favorite part about Facebook are the pics so now I have something that shows me ONLY pictures! Not enough people post often though so here is my invite to you - GET THE INSTAGRAM APP!!!

Here are some pics I took or turned into instagram shots
(Long Island)
(back porch)
I also downloaded -free with a gift card :) - the PicFrame App; it lets you put multiple pictures together in so many options of frames and colors.

So instead of looking at a long line of single pictures......
Ry & Mads
third-wheelin it!
Grandparent's house
.... I can combine them into an artsy collage:

LOVE these pics I took of Max while on a walk at my mom's
My Friday Night lol 
Definitely missin' the hubs a lot today/night. Even stayed later at work cuz I didn't wanna go home to an empty apartment. Mama talked me into buying a couple shirts to cheer me up a bit; and although they are super cute, I still miss having my best friend. Goin on a month next week and that's by far the longest we've ever been apart!

I dropped the ball the other day during a dramatic scheduling breakdown (lol) and had to (at the time) reschedule my flight to see Tyson. So I won't be seeing him until July 20th now instead of June 22nd.

Facebook friends, remember how I posted that I got accepted at USA Cheer? Well, I was unsure at first about applying for the summer position anyways because I knew my full-time job was priority and it would be almost impossible to get that much work off for summer cheer camps. But, I applied for it anyways so as not to shut down the opportunity right away.

Well, cheer lady and I had some miscommunication so I will not be doing the summer cheer camps anymore; it just wasn't a "good fit" for my life right now. But she did want me to call her in the fall for competition season and that was my first choice anyways when I originally applied!

Long story short, I freaked when she told me I had 5 camps to attend, rescheduled my flight and canceled the hotel, realized I couldn't take work off, cancelled summer cheer, and was left realizing I wasted $700 on rescheduling my NY trip that didn't need to be rescheduled - if I had only waited a day to figure things out! I was just so caught up in planning cheer camps around work I didn't even realize it wasn't going to work out anyways.

So yes... COMPLETELY dropped the ball and was so upset. Hopefully Tyson has forgiven me by now. LESSON LEARNED! Patience is definitely a virtue.

However, on the other side of that, when I had originally booked my trip, I was waiting PATIENTLY on someone to help finalize my plans and my flight jumped up $100 in the 45 minutes I waited lol. So, I guess I need to find a happy medium of thinking before rescheduling and just making the decision if I know what to do.

Enough blabbing..... hope everyone is enjoying their weekends! I'll be out with my girls again tomorrow hiking and getting some Vitamin D!