Wednesday, June 20

It's a Girl!

Been a couple of weeks since the last post; ma bad. I'd like to say I've been uber busy, but I haven't, or maybe I have and I can't remember what I've been doing everyday without the hubs lol. My mind is going and I'm only 23 lol - good luck with this brain in the future Sarah!

We had such a cute little luncheon for Ryan and Madison for their "gender revealing". My aunt was laughing when we told her that not even Ry & Mad knew what the baby was and thats what this shin-dig was for; she said Utahans love to make a HUGE deal out of every event lol. Kinda true, but hey, it gives us a great excuse to plan, craft, cook, eat, and be with people we love :) 

They had the cutest cake made that said "What will it Bee?", so when everyone had finally arrived, they cut into the cake and voila! 

So excited to have my first (biological Ehin-blooded) niece!!! :) 

I told Mad that I would babysit often so as to keep the baby-hungries away lol. It'll be doubled-up birth control; knowing I can at least hand the baby back when she's wailing, vomiting, and pooping lol. 

My mom asked me to make a pinwheel bouquet instead of a flower bouquet to change it up a bit...

The picture is kind of "orangey" but I love how the pinwheels turned out! I made 12 of them and got it down to 1 pinwheel in 5 minutes :) not too shabby for first time pinwheels! Thankfully I had some buttons and pearls to make them even cuter. 

I haven't been as crafty this go around with being alone, but maybe it'll start kicking in now that I have: 

So far I LOVE my Cricut cutter! I still need to sit down one day and watch the instructional DVD and learn everything it can do. 

I'm making a banner for my mom's church lesson in a couple of weeks; "BEE a Missionary". So I made a trip to Hobby Lobby and started using my Cricut last night - definitely a great investment. And "investment" is literal - these are definitely not cheap and you have to continually buy more images, shapes, letters, etc if you want to have better variety; which I definitely do! I know what I'm asking for presents now :) 

I FINALLY get to see the hubs Friday!!!!! I seriously can not wait! It will have been exactly one and a half months since we've seen each other when I fly in Friday night. WAAAYY too long! He'll be working most of Saturday and Monday but we have some fun plans for his day off Sunday. We'll be hitting up New York City!! CAN NOT WAIT!! 

I'll be sure to post fun pics from our weekend together in the big city :) 


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