Thursday, November 1

October Farewell

I think Halloween is one of the few Holidays where I feel like the decorations HAVE to come down the next day. We have all of October to enjoy the festive Halloween atmosphere, and then overnight, it's completely over.

Things I would feel dumb doing on November 1st:
* Going to a Haunted House
* Carving Pumpkins
* Watching Halloween based movies - Hocus Pocus, Casper, Halloween....
* Hand out candy to children - this would turn into a crime
* Wear a costume - Although I would still fit in at Walmart any day
* Continue hanging up Halloween decor, etc

I could keep going.... It just feels wrong to keep everything up the day after Halloween. So, I have some pics to say good-bye to my favorite month. I can't wait to build on my Halloween decor through the coming years!

Halloween is a pretty big deal at my work. Every team dresses up as different things and then there's a party at the end of the day where the CEO decides who won.

My team wasn't really wanting to plan anything big, so we came up with People of Walmart last minute. But it was so much fun! 

Before the costume contest, our marketing team told us that they are creating a video to promote working for our company. They taught everyone the Gangnam Style dance and shot a video. It was hysterical and I was lucky enough to be asked to be in front! Unfortunately, my 15 seconds of fame will be spent looking like Walmart trash lol. Oh well, it was way fun!

For those who don't know the dance and/or the song... here you go! I die laughing at this video and love the little kid at the beginning.

Last weekend, Ryan, Mad, Tyson, and I went to Thriller at Kingsbury Hall. It's been my favorite tradition for so many years now and I never get sick of it! We also stayed at a hotel downtown which made the night all that more fun :).

BTW..... I'll be an aunt any day now!!! So that will cheer up my November that's for sure! Baby's head is down so we're just waiting to get the phone call to head to the hospital!!

Baby A, I can't wait to be your favorite aunt and spoil and love on you every day that I can!

Sad to see my favorite month and holiday pass on by. After Halloween, it's just the stress of large family Thanksgiving dinners, buying gifts for everyone, snow, cold, and time to start working on the 2012 family DVD! I did however, have a pretty dang good October!
* Haunted Forest
* Haunted Circus
* Haunted Corn Maze
* Scary movies
* Pumpkin Patch fun
* Carving pumpkins
* Halloween decor shopping
* Holiday treats & meals
* Frightmares at Lagoon
* Thriller
* Hotel overnight downtown
* Date nights every weekend
* Bought a new car

I think my list could go on..... I definitely made the most of my favorite month, thats for sure

364 days left .... time for a countdown ;)

Saturday, October 20

The New Ride & Some Halloween Fun

Definitely been a little MIA with the blog lately. Not even gonna try to make an excuse... I just got behind :)

I'll start first with our gorgeous new car we bought last Friday!

We weren't even expecting to buy a car that night so it was a fun surprise. We had ordered a car about a month ago since the 2013 Fusions hadn't even hit the lots yet. Our sales rep called Friday and said one had just hit the showroom floor and we could come take a look at what we ordered since we never actually saw one in person. While we were checking it out, he mentioned that this is the exact same car we have ordered and said we could just take this one if we wanted! So, an hour later we drove off in our new car!

We're so thankful my Grandpa Bucktail was able to get us a family deal since he used to work in the  corporate world of Ford :) Thank you so much Bucktail! We LOVE our beautiful new car!!


I've had these two tables since my first apartment and the black was just getting worn down and chipping. So, I attempted to paint my first pieces of furniture but needless to say, they looked horrible - definitely should have bought actual paint and not craft paint. Thankfully my mom was sweet enough to go buy some better paint and take over the project.

We just needed some color in the room and the coral pink was perfect. We have such dark furniture that it was getting a little drab. The tops are a bit tough to keep looking clean though since food gets set on it and remotes are scratching them too. I'm thinking I'll be Mod Podging the tops with something cute someday soon.

Thanks for the save mama!!


Last Saturday, Tyson and I went with his sister and her boyfriend to Frightmares!

Lagoon is absolutely one of my favorite places to go during Halloween time. It's SO festive and the atmosphere is perfect for someone who loves this holiday :).

We weren't able to go last year since Tyson broke his leg the day we were planning to go. But it was worth the wait :).

The boys have quite the bro-mance going on to say the least. They were shouting each other's names during every single ride lol. So funny!

I love when the characters start walking around in the evening. Tyson can't stand the chainsaws so it was pretty funny to watch him wig out lol.

We only hit up one haunted house since the lines were CRAZY long! But for a free haunted house, it was pretty good!

Every year we come to Lagoon, it never seizes to amaze me that this white roller coaster is still running!! I think this is one of the scarier rides just because the thought of it falling apart while I'm on it is scarier than a loop-de-loop lol.

Like I said, I LOVE the atmosphere of Frightmares! So eerie :)

The boys wanted to play some games to win us a prize, but unfortunately for them, I was the only one that walked away with a prize lol. Milk Jugs is usually my game but I only won a tiny prize this time.

I LOVE Lagoon's Frightmares and can't wait to go every year if possible :)


Earlier this week it was "Boss's Day" so my team asked me to make my supervisor a banner. It was literally last minute so I wasn't able to spend a lot of time on it. But thanks to my Cricut, it wasn't too bad.

She loves pink and purple so I tried to make it really girly. Thankfully all of the materials I used, I already had!


Last night, Tyson and I had a fun Halloween Date Night

We went to Paranormal Activity 4!

I was tense the ENTIRE movie and was exhausted afterwards lol. However, I still feel that the third movie is still scarier. This one was intense but the third movie had more scary action. I expected a lot more since the previews looked so intense, but it was still worth seeing :)

After the movie Tyson wanted to go to a Pumpkin Patch to find some pumpkins to carve; unfortunately the pumpkin patches were all closed but we did find this corner market on our way home.

I couldn't believe how huge some of their pumpkins were!

We found some carving patterns on-line and went to work. I HATE gutting the pumpkins; so gross!

I LOVE the way our jack-o-lanterns turned out though!

We live on the top floor of our apartments so it was tough to get some good pictures.... but I tried :)

We have some orange and purple lights up, found a glow-in-the-dark skeleton at the dollar store, and propped the jack-o-lanterns up on our patio table. I LOVE THIS SEASON!

I keep forgetting to take some pictures of my other Halloween decor, so I'll post some up with my next round of pics.

We're heading to the Haunted Circus tonight and next week is full of more haunted places and a night downtown to see Thriller.

I also went onto Amazon and bought some classic Halloween movies! I hope they get here soon!!

Halloween..... PLEASE NEVER END!! 

Thursday, October 4

Baby Showers & Halloween Obsessions

Don't worry everyone.... I have recovered from my last post and have actually felt better and haven't cried since I "let it all out". Thank you Mama Barb for suggesting a vent session :)

I have been so horrible with updating pictures and blogging lately! I feel like my days are getting shorter and shorter and I don't have time to do everything I want.

In my last post, I mentioned there were baby shower pics to come ..... I feel that the decor is way too cute to smash into a PicFrame of 5 pictures, so you can scroll through the SUPER CUTE baby shower my mom and I threw for my sister-in-law.

These first 3 pictures are of the "BABY GIRL" banner I made for Madison. I LOVE the way it turned out!
(squares & circles were cut out w/ my Cricut and the letters and images were hand-drawn/cut by me)

(I wish the lighting on the camera would have shown the colors correctly. But it's still adorable)
I also made the large "A" for baby Addisyn's nursery. I LOVE the floral-fabric-ribbon I was able to find at Hobby Lobby! Gave it such a soft & delicate look.

I also decided to hang Madison's "Bump Tracker" pics on some ribbon along with Ryan & Madison's baby pictures.

I feel SO bad that I am almost 3 weeks late posting Madison's 32 week pics!! I told you I have been crazy busy!

The fluffed paper balls were from Michael's Craft Store

The fans above the drinks, napkins, plates, straws, etc were from a really cute website called 

My mom found the mason jars at Harmons and we just wrapped paper strips around them.
The drink dispenser was purchased from Tai Pan Trading (My new favorite store BTW!)

And this super adorable cake with edible beading is from a boutique in Highland called Dear Lizzie; I also had one of my Bridal Showers there and it is the cutest and most girly store! Love it!

 The cupcakes and cake bites were from Sweet Tooth Fairy - my personal favorite!

The little gray and pink "lamps" I made from paper and ribbon wrapped around a wine glass. (just a little addition to the table)

An adorable set-up for a Luncheon Baby Shower

I think it all turned out so adorable and Madison had SO many friends and family members show up to support the arrival of *Baby A*


Now time for some Halloween craft/decor sneak peeks.

Madison (thankfully) asked if I would make her a banner for Halloween to hang over her entry way mirror; and as always, I never turn down an opportunity to craft :).

I LOVE the way it turned out!! Lets just say, I've always been happy with the way my things turn out :)
(all paper materials [banner strips, circle fans, letters, etc.] were drawn out and cut by hand by me)

Madison sent me a picture of her completed entry set-up. It's perfect for our favorite month/holiday!

I had some left over material so I decided to make one for myself to hang over my entry mirror as well (we have the same entry-way set-up so I knew it would work) :)

Now this is just the banner and lights.... My mom and I had some fun at Tai Pan yesterday and I love my new decor; but it's not done yet so I don't want to post until I feel like it's where I want it :)

So here is my sneak peek. (almost the same as Madison's, just some color variations)
(all paper materials [banner strips, circle fans, letters, etc.] were drawn out and cut by hand by me)

Halloween is EASILY my FAVORITE holiday of the year!! And October is my favorite month. Starting October 1st, you can be as festive as you want, the best scary movies are on TV, awesome scary movies come out in theatre, everyone's awesome decorations are up, and the haunted houses are up and running!! The atmosphere of Halloween just makes me giddy and I LOVE it! Plus, it's another holiday I get to craft for :)

I'll do my best to post sooner rather than later about all of my fun decor we bought.... but no promises ;)