Thursday, November 1

October Farewell

I think Halloween is one of the few Holidays where I feel like the decorations HAVE to come down the next day. We have all of October to enjoy the festive Halloween atmosphere, and then overnight, it's completely over.

Things I would feel dumb doing on November 1st:
* Going to a Haunted House
* Carving Pumpkins
* Watching Halloween based movies - Hocus Pocus, Casper, Halloween....
* Hand out candy to children - this would turn into a crime
* Wear a costume - Although I would still fit in at Walmart any day
* Continue hanging up Halloween decor, etc

I could keep going.... It just feels wrong to keep everything up the day after Halloween. So, I have some pics to say good-bye to my favorite month. I can't wait to build on my Halloween decor through the coming years!

Halloween is a pretty big deal at my work. Every team dresses up as different things and then there's a party at the end of the day where the CEO decides who won.

My team wasn't really wanting to plan anything big, so we came up with People of Walmart last minute. But it was so much fun! 

Before the costume contest, our marketing team told us that they are creating a video to promote working for our company. They taught everyone the Gangnam Style dance and shot a video. It was hysterical and I was lucky enough to be asked to be in front! Unfortunately, my 15 seconds of fame will be spent looking like Walmart trash lol. Oh well, it was way fun!

For those who don't know the dance and/or the song... here you go! I die laughing at this video and love the little kid at the beginning.

Last weekend, Ryan, Mad, Tyson, and I went to Thriller at Kingsbury Hall. It's been my favorite tradition for so many years now and I never get sick of it! We also stayed at a hotel downtown which made the night all that more fun :).

BTW..... I'll be an aunt any day now!!! So that will cheer up my November that's for sure! Baby's head is down so we're just waiting to get the phone call to head to the hospital!!

Baby A, I can't wait to be your favorite aunt and spoil and love on you every day that I can!

Sad to see my favorite month and holiday pass on by. After Halloween, it's just the stress of large family Thanksgiving dinners, buying gifts for everyone, snow, cold, and time to start working on the 2012 family DVD! I did however, have a pretty dang good October!
* Haunted Forest
* Haunted Circus
* Haunted Corn Maze
* Scary movies
* Pumpkin Patch fun
* Carving pumpkins
* Halloween decor shopping
* Holiday treats & meals
* Frightmares at Lagoon
* Thriller
* Hotel overnight downtown
* Date nights every weekend
* Bought a new car

I think my list could go on..... I definitely made the most of my favorite month, thats for sure

364 days left .... time for a countdown ;)

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