Saturday, March 30

Thanksgiving & Christmas Decor

I've never really been much of a holiday decorator, or a home decorator either; thankfully I've had my mom's amazing eye and help to make a cozy home (apartment) to live in.

I started getting into the holiday decorating with Halloween; posted about here and here. Although we don't have a lot of people over everyday, I still love making our apartment festive for the holidays; it's something fun to come home to.

Thanksgiving is sadly one of those holidays that seems to come and go without much notice nowadays. That poor holiday gets stuck in between the month long festivities of Halloween followed by everyone ready for Christmas the day the spooky decor gets taken down.

I'd be lying if I said I go all out for Thanksgiving, but I did manage to reuse some Halloween decor and made a very little, festive, area on our front table.

Yes, I'm aware my Christmas decor can be seen in the background lol. I was all ready to set up for Christmas thinking I had no Thanksgiving decor to work with. But, I used some pumpkins and leaves from Halloween and an owl from my Christmas decorations.
Good enough :)

The Christmas decorations were much more fun to play with.

We bought three strands of lighted garland from Tai Pan; two garland for the front door and one for the TV set.
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It took us an entire night, holes in walls, a few curse words, and a trip to Home Depot to figure out how to hang garland around the door frame. I finally googled 'How To' and found the easiest way for indoor garland hanging.

You'll need:
Eye Lags
Zip Ties

We screwed in two eye lags on each of the three sides of the door.
We then, starting from the top, zip tied the garland to the eye hook.

We did cheat a bit and had some old curtain hooks we screwed in above the door to help support the weight of the garland - recommended if the garland will be up all month.

For the garland around the top of the TV set, I found it hard to keep it from slipping off of the edges, so I looped some yarn around sections of the garland and taped them down on top of the set so they weren't visible from the ground.

Decor Items:
Black lanterns: Hobby Lobby
          I love that they can be used year round
Red Wire Ribbon: Tai Pain
Balls, Jars, Nest, Owl: Tai Pan
Ornaments: Costco
Skinny stockings: Tai Pan

We weren't able to have our big Christmas tree up this year because our new couch takes up the entire space of our living room lol - can't wait to have a bigger place soon!

So, we bought a 3 foot tree from Tai Pan, put it on an ottoman and covered it with a tree skirt. The soft glowing lights are always my favorite thing to come home to after work.

Feel free to email me with any questions on my Halloween, Thanksgiving, & Christmas holiday decor!  

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