Saturday, March 30

St. Pattie's & Easter decor

St. Patrick's Day isn't really anything huge we celebrate around our house, but the Valentine's decorations had to come down so obviously something had to replace it :).

I bought what I didn't have at Hobby Lobby. I purchased them around Valentine's Day so everything was pretty cheap.

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Here is my decor for St. Patrick's Day; nothing huge but still fun and glittery to feel festive for a short time.

You'll start to notice that I reuse my jars and bottles a lot - I love changing out the decor used in them without having to buy new canisters every time.

I felt rushed to get my Easter decorations up since Easter is coming earlier this year! (I always thought it was supposed to be the first Sunday in April.... which would be April 7th not March 31st)

Anywho... I seriously bought the items I didn't have already, from the Dollar Store! I'm learning to stop by the dollar store first before stepping into an actual craft store - we find some really good things in there!

Tyson loves Cadbury Eggs and I love Robin Eggs, so we compromised and just poured both into our candy jar :)

My company, CHG Healthcare, is a wonderful place to work for in so many ways! They even had an Easter Egg Hunt for the company yesterday!

They hid eggs all over the building and the biggest prize was PTO! Who doesn't want paid time off for free! Unfortunately, I couldn't find the PTO eggs but was fortunate enough to find some eggs filled with a gift card prize! I randomly selected a $25 Target card - love the constant opportunities for extra prizes at work!

After church tomorrow, we'll be having Easter dinner at my mom's! Nothing like a Sunday holiday church service and a good meal :)

Mine and Tyson's birthdays are this weekend! Look for fun pictures!!

Feel free to email me about any questions you have about my Easter decor and crafts!
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