Saturday, March 30

Valentine's crafts & decor

Some people hate Valentine's Day and feel its just a made-up holiday for the Hallmark and candy companies. This could be true, but... I still love having a whole day dedicated to celebrating love.
Just like every other day, only more festive :)

I leave for work earlier than Tyson so I was able to leave a heart attack trail to his gifts for him to wake up to.

favorite candy, inside joke monkey, love journal, homemade card, "Love About You" book
I LOVE the deck of cards book I created for Tyson this year. I got a similar idea of off Pinterest but just wanted 14 cards, not 50 like I had seen.

I found this website where you can create personalized gifts. 

The site was so easy to maneuver around. I was also worried about shipping time since it was coming from a faraway land ;). But, I actually received it in under 2 weeks and they were so perfect!
Not to mention, I got the deck of cards for under $13! 
Great price for a customized gift. 

I traced glitter and patterned paper to the size of the cards.
I used words from magazines for the front cover
I cut out pictures from the spare cards to use on the insides of the  covers

I customized each card to have a Valentine theme, a picture of us on the back, as well poems I wrote on each card for 14 things I love about Tyson. 

After punching two holes on the side of each card, I put two small binder rings though and voila! 

I also handmade a card for Tyson. I just had to buy the tan and red paper so it was much cheaper than a pre-written Hallmark card :)

love the glitter arrow

I created a banner to hang across our TV set, strung heart garland down the mirror, and decorated the front table as always :)

Hot Glue gun/sticks

The easiest way to cut straight on burlap is to pull a strand out all the way, leaving an empty straight line.
  Here is a tutorial I found to be really helpful. 
I folded over the top of the flags over yarn and hot glued it down
I have a Cricut so I was able to cut out about 40 hearts in under 10 minutes.
    *What would I do without my Cricut!!
I wish I wouldn't have hot glued the hearts down, just so I could use it for other holidays. But nonetheless, I love it.

Feel free to email me with any questions on the Valentine crafts & decor! 

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