Monday, December 26

Christmas Weekend

Hope everyone had a really great Christmas weekend! I know we did! 

Friday, after my half day of work (woot!), Tys and I met up for lunch, then hit up the mall for some last minute shopping for him. Decided to pick up a jacket since he seems to be lacking them for some reason. Can't believe how crazy the mall is the day before Christmas - get your crap together earlier people! lol

That night, we went to the Planetarium to catch a show. I bought a 2 for 1 movie coupon on back in June and it expires at the end of the month so we finally decided to just go use it. We ended up seeing "Starry Tales". It wasn't like their usual scientific explanation shows. It was in the Hanson Dome and was just a fun mythological take on the stars and their stories. It was fun :)

Saturday, we drove down to his parent's house for Christmas Eve with the Bucks. We were really thrown off schedule this year; Ry&Mad are in Texas so we did Christmas day at my mom's and Christmas Eve at the Buck's - it's usually the other way around.

But it was a lot of fun! After a yummy brunch that Roxi made for us, we opened gifts. I got some super cute PJs from Victoria's Secret; Buck tradition :), some perfume, and a gift card to Hobby Lobby - they know me all too well lol. Tyson's mom and I should have coordinated better, turns out we both got him Modern Warfare 3 lol. Oh well, we'll trade one for a different gift.

You have to be a brave wife to buy your husband these games; you can definitely count on them playing for a minimum of an hour each time it's on lol.

Tyson and I bought the Bucks the game Quelf. It seriously is one of our new favorites. It is hysterical and really easy to catch onto. Lots of acting things out and making yourself look like an idiot lol. My kind of game :). Definitely a family game recommendation.
Jason and I humming a poem while being a Prison Guard with no lips and knees glued together lol 
After playing Quelf for 2 hours, we headed over to Roxi's brother's house for family dinner. Just a bunch of the cousins together havin fun. Not only was there dinner, but a mini-Christmas program. All the kids performed their cute piano numbers, and then the Buck's had a different take on family talent lol
Definitely think Jason's skills are the best lol 

Our matching jammies
After dinner at the Orr's, Tys and I were gonna just head home but decided to head back to the Buck's for another round of Quelf til 12:30 in the morning lol. Needless to say we slept in til about 11 on Sunday lol.

Sunday, we went up to Suncrest to church with my mom. They had a Christmas Program that lasted a little longer than hoped for lol, but the kids singing Drummer Boy was so cute lol. I love this time of the year. The older we get, the more we realize how anti-climatic things seem, but realize more and more what things are REALLY about this day.
After church and after mom and I whipped up food for Christmas dinner, we opened gifts before eating. We got some great clothes, shoes, boots, cash, etc. The usual goods :). Thank you mama and Steph for the great gifts - we love em.

Bought mama a monogrammed robe from Pottery Barn
Shaggy Maxi
Tyson and I bought the game Things for the Shillingford family; so after dinner we all played. It is such a funny game. More of a chill game but definitely funny since things always manage to turn really raunchy with these types of games lol. So funny!

After our game, the family went to the movies to see Mission Impossible 4. I was really hesitant on going since I am not a Tom Cruise fan and didn't even see #'s 2 or 3. But, it was REALLY good! We saw it at the IMAX theatre at Jordon Commons and it was amazing! I've never seen a movie on that screen and it was huge! And the sound system was a amazing as well! Definitely a recommended movie to go see!

We definitely missed having Ryan and Madison around this year though. They better not be falling in love with Texas....

My mom and Tyson made the mistake Roxi and I made, they doubled up on a crepe maker for me :). I love it though - it serves as a griddle as well. After picking up some groceries at the store this morning, I made crepes for brunch.

I've been in love with crepes since I first had one from our neighbor's the Williamson's (her blog is Purple Chocolat). Her husband Kirk makes the best ice cream crepes and I can't get enough of them now! Definitely think I need some recipe tips from them though.... mine just didn't have enough flavoring. But the filling and fruit was so yummy!

We finally finished the last 121st episode of Lost today! It was pretty confusing but I think I understood. People online don't seem to like how it ended but I did. Such a good show! Not sure what our next show will be :)

Well, that's all for our Christmas weekend! Loved having the day off from work today. Not to mention, we'll be leaving for St. George/Vegas after work Thursday and we'll get back next Monday. Can't wait to get out of town :)
Happy Holidays everyone!!!!

Tuesday, December 20

So Blessed

I feel so blessed that we live within miles of MULTIPLE temples. And not only that, but I'm so thankful and blessed that I'm able to attend sessions whenever I want to; for personal needs or for other's.

I need to start taking advantage of the opportunities to go whenever I want to. It's so gorgeous inside and out and no matter what is going on in my life, everything just becomes so peaceful and "right" when I'm there.

After dinner with my mom at 5 Guys tonight, Ryan, Mad, Tyson, & I drove up to see the lights at Temple Square. We were hoping it wouldn't be as crowded since it's a Tuesday night, but as always, it was packed.

But it was so much fun and so beautiful with all of the lights.
Don't mind the red eye :) 
And as usual, Ry and Mad are ALWAYS the best couple to double date with :) 

After we got home tonight, I decided to whip up some rolls I found on Pinterest yesterday; SO YUMMY!!! and so quick to make too!

The ones on Pinterest look a lot "dryer" than mine; plus I think they sprinkle more cheese on top afterwards.

Definitely a must try if you love rolls and carbs as much as we do :)

Sunday, December 18

Sardines & Cupcakes

It's been said multiple times today, how nice it is not having to take Tyson back to the airport tonight :).

We had a fun, chill day of relaxing and seeing my family for a bit.

Sam, Al, & Steve
Mad & Tys
I would have loved to have enjoyed mama's chili and corn bread, but was too nervous to eat the chili still; don't need anything getting stuck in the empty holes in my mouth.
Haha love my chubby cheeks 
But after some yummy cheesecake, Ry & Mad opened their Christmas gifts since they leave this weekend for Texas.

                      I made them this....

Another idea from Pinterest that kept me busy while Tyson was gone.

Turned out pretty cute i thought, but I also let them know I wouldn't be completely heart broken if they didn't use it either ;)

After they opened their gifts, we watched the 2011 Family DVD. . . I really wish I knew how to post the videos I make online, but I haven't reached that level of geek yet - one day!

It turned out SO good and the family loved it too! They keep telling me to turn it into a business; but like my other hobbies, I think it would suck the fun out of it for me if it turned into a "job".

After enjoying our year in pictures (and video accompanied by music), we started playing one of our new favorite games... Sardines.
This game is so much fun at my mom's house. It's always completely dark, silent, and the creepy fog outside tonight was a nice addition ;).

My mom is the funniest because she can't help but giggle when she's found the group lol. SUCH a fun game!

We're back at the apartment though, ready for a new week of work and responsibilities :p. I've really enjoyed my 4 day weekend, relaxing, and being a wife again.

Even whipped up some of Tyson's favorite cupcakes when I got home...

Such a great weekend! Can't wait for more holiday fun for the next couple of weeks :D 

Saturday, December 17

Oh yeah, I'm married!

Tys is officially home for good as of 10:45 PM Thursday night! 
He looks a lot smaller than when he left; but that's because he's about 25-30 pounds lighter lol. Not only did he sweat off about 10 pounds his first couple of weeks in AZ, but breaking his leg didn't help either. I personally think he looks really good and NORMAL lol. I don't need my guy all big and meaty; love him just the way he's meant to look :)

Thought I would make him a "Welcome Home" banner since I was pretty out of it from getting my wisdom teeth out that day.
I didn't give myself enough time to make it, so the details aren't where I was hoping they'd be.
But I learned how to make these fans! A little tough but so cute

It's been really nice having him around and knowing I don't have to take him to the airport tomorrow. However, after he finally finished unpacking this morning, it really made me/us realize that we definitely need a second room. It's getting a little to cozy in this place lol.

Definitely gotta get back into a married routine. We've been apart longer than we've been married so picking up wifey duties is a work in progress again :).

I just feel bad because my mouth has been making me so drowsy all weekend, but Tys has been a trooper just watching Lost and playing his games while I nap. I've tried not having to take any pain meds, but even half a pill has me zonked out in 15 minutes.

Not to mention, I am absolutely SOOO sick of soft foods! I feel like I've been eating baby food all weekend and it's definitely gotten old.

We're gonna hit up Josh's basketball games tonight down at Orem High; I'm excited to go back to the field house to the old stompin grounds - still so weird it's been almost 5 years since we graduated.

And tomorrow we're doing a mini-Christmas day since Ryan & Madison will be in Texas over Christmas visiting her dad. Can't wait to watch the DVD and play some Hide-and-Go-Seek :)

Hope everyone has a fun weekend!

Thursday, December 15

Take My Picture Mom!!

I had my bottom two wisdom teeth taken out my senior year in high school but was told the uppers were too far up to go digging for so I would have to wait. Well, my wait ended today.

I'm actually glad they are finally out! I have been teething for a few months now and it's painful! I will do my best to remember that when my future kids are teething and try not to get too irritated with the cries lol.

I show up to the oral surgeon at 8:30, we wait, they walk me back at 8:45. "You might want to have my mom ready by my side before you wake me up, I have a tendency to cry for her when I'm coming out of anesthesia." haha I must have some sub-conscious thought that my mom is going to abandon me, which is extremely weird because she's ALWAYS been by my side no matter what.

Tie my upper arm off, slip a needle in, "Hi Dr. Christensen." "You nervous?" "Yeah, a bit." "This is gonna be a breeze. Let me just slip the anesthetic in... let me know when you start feeling woozy." "Okay."
Nurse: "I'm gonna give you a little oxyge.........."

That was it lol. I seriously do not remember waking up, getting in a wheelchair, being wheeled to the car, getting into the car, waiting for my mom to get some groceries, or the drive home.

However, my mom told me that when I woke up, I was requesting (demanding in her words) that she take pictures of me! lol. Really? Coherent me would never had requested that under the circumstances lol.

So... here are a couple from my requested photo shoot lol
Like really???... gauze and all.... I couldn't even get both eyes to open or focus??? lol 
"Take another one mom!"
And here... I couldn't even open both eyes??? hahahaha WOOOOWW. One of my better moments! 

Apparently not only was I demanding pictures be taken, but I told her to send them to Ryan, Tys, and who knows who else lol.... Apologies if anyone received these lol 

After a little R&R, some mashed potatoes, and sorbet, I am good to go and drove back to the apartment to wait for Tyson to get home tonight! 

Upper wisdom teeth removals are definitely 100% better than the bottoms. 

Haha hope you enjoyed the photo shoot! ;) 

Tuesday, December 13

1 Year Anniversary

I have officially been working at CompHealth for 1 year today! 
I just had my name changed last week, gimme a break ;)
That's a big deal for someone who has only had summer jobs and graduated from college 1 year and 2 days ago! 

This has been such an amazing company to work for and I hope I'm here for many more to come :).

And yes... we make fun of this genie logo constantly that marketing came up with lol
Lots of awkward poses around the office lol
This job has taught me SO many things in just one year. When I first started, I remember crying to my mom because I never thought I would ever catch on to what I was supposed to be doing 40 hours a week. And now, I just applied for a mini-promotion as a Senior Business Partner. Even if i don't get the position, there's always next time :)

I also love that I have communication with Dr.'s every single day. It's not so fun when they call yelling at you, but some of them are so hysterical and have so many stories and thoughts they just have to tell someone lol.

I work with the most amazing and fun people too. I really do enjoy coming to work every day because of them.

My co-workers even threw me a Bridal Shower in April!
Advice for the Bride
So cute
Michelle and Jon performing a "Stewart" skit for me (MadTV)
Speaking of Michelle...
She has been the BEST cubie buddy to sit next to! She goes to the U and she's a couple years older than me, but we seriously laugh half the day because we act so retarded together lol. We're so much a like and it's so fun having someone next to me who is maybe even more anal retentive than I am.

We also know how to have fun constantly around here (once our work is done of course) ;).
Boss makeover day
Stewart & his mom
Between, dressing up, looking up movie quotes, skits, and YouTube, we have quite a blast. We also sit next to the boys in the Housing department and they keep us entertained when we need it too.  
Housing Department
Not to mention I am lucky enough to work with my mama as well! If it wasn't for her I wouldn't even have this amazing job that's providing me and my little family with so many opportunities and benefits.

We got mentioned in this article that was released company-wide for family members that work together at CHG.

Thank you CompHealth, for accepting me and keeping me around long enough to receive a cool award lol