Tuesday, December 20

So Blessed

I feel so blessed that we live within miles of MULTIPLE temples. And not only that, but I'm so thankful and blessed that I'm able to attend sessions whenever I want to; for personal needs or for other's.

I need to start taking advantage of the opportunities to go whenever I want to. It's so gorgeous inside and out and no matter what is going on in my life, everything just becomes so peaceful and "right" when I'm there.

After dinner with my mom at 5 Guys tonight, Ryan, Mad, Tyson, & I drove up to see the lights at Temple Square. We were hoping it wouldn't be as crowded since it's a Tuesday night, but as always, it was packed.

But it was so much fun and so beautiful with all of the lights.
Don't mind the red eye :) 
And as usual, Ry and Mad are ALWAYS the best couple to double date with :) 

After we got home tonight, I decided to whip up some rolls I found on Pinterest yesterday; SO YUMMY!!! and so quick to make too!

The ones on Pinterest look a lot "dryer" than mine; plus I think they sprinkle more cheese on top afterwards.

Definitely a must try if you love rolls and carbs as much as we do :)

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