Tuesday, December 13

1 Year Anniversary

I have officially been working at CompHealth for 1 year today! 
I just had my name changed last week, gimme a break ;)
That's a big deal for someone who has only had summer jobs and graduated from college 1 year and 2 days ago! 

This has been such an amazing company to work for and I hope I'm here for many more to come :).

And yes... we make fun of this genie logo constantly that marketing came up with lol
Lots of awkward poses around the office lol
This job has taught me SO many things in just one year. When I first started, I remember crying to my mom because I never thought I would ever catch on to what I was supposed to be doing 40 hours a week. And now, I just applied for a mini-promotion as a Senior Business Partner. Even if i don't get the position, there's always next time :)

I also love that I have communication with Dr.'s every single day. It's not so fun when they call yelling at you, but some of them are so hysterical and have so many stories and thoughts they just have to tell someone lol.

I work with the most amazing and fun people too. I really do enjoy coming to work every day because of them.

My co-workers even threw me a Bridal Shower in April!
Advice for the Bride
So cute
Michelle and Jon performing a "Stewart" skit for me (MadTV)
Speaking of Michelle...
She has been the BEST cubie buddy to sit next to! She goes to the U and she's a couple years older than me, but we seriously laugh half the day because we act so retarded together lol. We're so much a like and it's so fun having someone next to me who is maybe even more anal retentive than I am.

We also know how to have fun constantly around here (once our work is done of course) ;).
Boss makeover day
Stewart & his mom
Between, dressing up, looking up movie quotes, skits, and YouTube, we have quite a blast. We also sit next to the boys in the Housing department and they keep us entertained when we need it too.  
Housing Department
Not to mention I am lucky enough to work with my mama as well! If it wasn't for her I wouldn't even have this amazing job that's providing me and my little family with so many opportunities and benefits.

We got mentioned in this article that was released company-wide for family members that work together at CHG.

Thank you CompHealth, for accepting me and keeping me around long enough to receive a cool award lol

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  1. Sar-bear! How did I not notice these awesome shout-outs in this post until 3 years later? Yes, I was creeping in your blog. You are definitely the best cubie mate and I miss sitting by you!! XOXO