Monday, December 5

Good-Bye Mesa!

I was finally able to meet up with my bestie for her birthday dinner. We had a yummy dinner at Happy Sumo with lots of laughing and heart to hearts; even though (sadly) months go by without seeing each other, whenever we meet up, nothing is ever different between us.

We suck epically at taking pictures though - next time :).

But here is a pic of her birthday gift I made a while ago. "L" for my Leinani :) 
wrapped gray yarn, felt flowers, rhinestones

Love you Nans!! You'll always be ma guuuuurrrllll :)

Finally had my LAST trip to Mesa!! WOOT WOOT!!! It's about time!

And as usual, we did a whole lotta nothin all weekend and I loved it. Lots of football, TV, food, & 79 cent slushies :).
We ate at iHop every weekend we were down there. I'm obsessed with crepes lol. Tyson says Santa may be getting me a crepe maker :D. I can't wait to make ice cream crepes too! MMMMmmmm

While we waited for the Costco Tire Service Center to work on his flat tire, Tys wanted to hit up the free samples everywhere lol. He enjoyed it a bit more than I did; I was busy lookin for some office chairs to sit in.
Leaving La Quinta for the last time! 
Saying bye at the airport
The only sad part of leaving Mesa this time, is that I won't be seeing Tys until next Thursday. But it's okay because it just means he's home for good!

I flew home a bit earlier yesterday because it was my mama's birthday! After she picked me up from the airport, we all met at Market Street for dinner.

My mom is seriously the most amazing person I know and everyone who meets her just loves her. She is my best friend and has raised me and Ryan to be great kids, friends, and spouses. I love her to pieces!!

Happy 51st Mama! You definitely get better lookin with age :)

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  1. i love you and barb so much! thanks for updating your happy life! Love you!