Sunday, December 18

Sardines & Cupcakes

It's been said multiple times today, how nice it is not having to take Tyson back to the airport tonight :).

We had a fun, chill day of relaxing and seeing my family for a bit.

Sam, Al, & Steve
Mad & Tys
I would have loved to have enjoyed mama's chili and corn bread, but was too nervous to eat the chili still; don't need anything getting stuck in the empty holes in my mouth.
Haha love my chubby cheeks 
But after some yummy cheesecake, Ry & Mad opened their Christmas gifts since they leave this weekend for Texas.

                      I made them this....

Another idea from Pinterest that kept me busy while Tyson was gone.

Turned out pretty cute i thought, but I also let them know I wouldn't be completely heart broken if they didn't use it either ;)

After they opened their gifts, we watched the 2011 Family DVD. . . I really wish I knew how to post the videos I make online, but I haven't reached that level of geek yet - one day!

It turned out SO good and the family loved it too! They keep telling me to turn it into a business; but like my other hobbies, I think it would suck the fun out of it for me if it turned into a "job".

After enjoying our year in pictures (and video accompanied by music), we started playing one of our new favorite games... Sardines.
This game is so much fun at my mom's house. It's always completely dark, silent, and the creepy fog outside tonight was a nice addition ;).

My mom is the funniest because she can't help but giggle when she's found the group lol. SUCH a fun game!

We're back at the apartment though, ready for a new week of work and responsibilities :p. I've really enjoyed my 4 day weekend, relaxing, and being a wife again.

Even whipped up some of Tyson's favorite cupcakes when I got home...

Such a great weekend! Can't wait for more holiday fun for the next couple of weeks :D 

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