Thursday, December 15

Take My Picture Mom!!

I had my bottom two wisdom teeth taken out my senior year in high school but was told the uppers were too far up to go digging for so I would have to wait. Well, my wait ended today.

I'm actually glad they are finally out! I have been teething for a few months now and it's painful! I will do my best to remember that when my future kids are teething and try not to get too irritated with the cries lol.

I show up to the oral surgeon at 8:30, we wait, they walk me back at 8:45. "You might want to have my mom ready by my side before you wake me up, I have a tendency to cry for her when I'm coming out of anesthesia." haha I must have some sub-conscious thought that my mom is going to abandon me, which is extremely weird because she's ALWAYS been by my side no matter what.

Tie my upper arm off, slip a needle in, "Hi Dr. Christensen." "You nervous?" "Yeah, a bit." "This is gonna be a breeze. Let me just slip the anesthetic in... let me know when you start feeling woozy." "Okay."
Nurse: "I'm gonna give you a little oxyge.........."

That was it lol. I seriously do not remember waking up, getting in a wheelchair, being wheeled to the car, getting into the car, waiting for my mom to get some groceries, or the drive home.

However, my mom told me that when I woke up, I was requesting (demanding in her words) that she take pictures of me! lol. Really? Coherent me would never had requested that under the circumstances lol.

So... here are a couple from my requested photo shoot lol
Like really???... gauze and all.... I couldn't even get both eyes to open or focus??? lol 
"Take another one mom!"
And here... I couldn't even open both eyes??? hahahaha WOOOOWW. One of my better moments! 

Apparently not only was I demanding pictures be taken, but I told her to send them to Ryan, Tys, and who knows who else lol.... Apologies if anyone received these lol 

After a little R&R, some mashed potatoes, and sorbet, I am good to go and drove back to the apartment to wait for Tyson to get home tonight! 

Upper wisdom teeth removals are definitely 100% better than the bottoms. 

Haha hope you enjoyed the photo shoot! ;) 

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