Monday, August 29

Oh Geezy

I was so lucky to be able to meet Tyson in St. George two weekends in a row!

Coach Croshaw's wife lives in St. George so he drives up basically every weekend and is nice enough to drive some players as well when they want to head home for the weekend.

I wasn't all too sure about getting to see Tyson this weekend since it was all dependent on whether they won or lost their Thursday game. Well, I guess 49-2 was a big enough win to call it a weekend :).

It's been really nice having a "half-way" point to meet up for the weekends, so thank you Mom and Steve, for letting us stay at the condo.

Unfortunately, with the official season starting this weekend, there aren't any in between weekends to meet up again. So, we'll have to make due with me flying out to his home games every other weekend.

115 degree weather... here I come!! 

Tys and I have loved these little weekend getaways; they've been mini-vacations for us. We've seen a few movies, eaten out A LOT, had pool time, and just sat around enjoying our time together.
Tys and I went and saw Final Destination 5 in 3D (A great sequel/prequel) and also Redboxed The Eagle (excellent movie!) and also Insidious (don't even waste your $1.07 at the Redbox) 

I absolutely LOVE the self-serve frozen yogurt shop Krave! We eat there every day we're in St. George. I totally want to open a self-serve shop one day; people don't realize that they serve themselves a lot when they have the opportunity and end up paying for it too lol.

We also took a hike up to the Dixie rock to watch the fires around the the city and watch the storms roll in. So pretty! Unfortunate, but pretty :). We took some pictures but it was so dark and windy, the pictures didn't turn out so well.

On our last St. George trip, we were lucky enough to have dinner with Tyson's sister Brittney and her husband James and their cute boys Mason and Caleb. They live in Chicago so we rarely ever see them.

Like I mentioned, we ate out a lot (I've probably gained 10 pounds!) Dennys, Dairy Queen, Pizza Hut, Bear Paw, and Outback. AHHH!!! haha I need a home cooked meal real quick!

Thanks for the fun Geezy weekends Tys!! 

See you in AZ this weekend for the Mesa vs Snow College game!! 

Friday, August 19

People Watching

Some people find the phrase "People Watching" creepy or even rude. Well, I'd LOVE to know one person who has never just been waiting around for something and just sat back to look at the people around you and found some to be very eccentric or different..................exactly lol.

Madison was working at a table for her work Key Bank at the concert, so Ryan got me out of the house to go chill with her and check things out. (Of course when he picked me up, about an hour of Mortal Kombat was required first lol)

I lived right downtown for 3 years and never went to a Twilight concert. And to be honest, I don't even remember hearing it at all; which surprises me because it was so loud for downtown! Just goes to show how oblivious I am and what my selective hearing will or won't pick up lol.

After finding Madison and getting something to eat, we sat down at her booth and started noticing common qualities in the people around. Skinny jeans (on men), flowing dresses, teevas, no shoes, headbands around the forehead, sunglasses (at night), gages, vans, toms, tanks (on men). Man, I had totally forgotten what it was like living in the SLC lol.
You would be surprised which gender is wearing which pants lol
**Are boys aware that excessive wear of skinny jeans lowers your sperm count? Just saying**

Here are a couple of our favies from the night :)

I feel the acid wash shorty shorts and boots really accent his legs quite nicely
Definitely a "free spirit" who completely collapsed infront of us for a good hour lol
Nothing like a fun night in the SLC with some family :)

Monday, August 15

Way too hot!

I was FINALLY able to fly out to Mesa and see Tyson after 2 weeks without him! I don't know how (loyal) missionary girlfriends, army wives, etc go years without their guys; I was going nuts after a few days.

Thankfully the flight to Phoenix is only a little over an hour so leaving at lunch on a Friday and coming back Sunday night makes for a nice weekend getaway.

I was lucky enough to see Tyson's first game! He's a starter at the J.C. and did AMAZING! I haven't really had the chance to see him play in a real game against another school so it was a fun experience.

I wish I would have filmed his sack in the first quarter but I only got a picture right before.
#83 long white socks :) 

I really am so proud of him for giving it a last chance to do what he really wants to do. The separation has been really hard on us. He's out there all alone without anyone he knows, and I'm living in our apartment alone. It's really tough but I know it'll make us appreciate our time together so much more.
**If you try calling or texting us when we're together, don't plan on us answering cuz we're doing a "no cell phone" rule - it's amazing how much time people waste sitting in the same room as someone but totally zoned out playing on their phones.

I was able to meet and thank the people that have been letting Tyson stay with them; they're such great people. I was also able to meet Coach Croshaw and thank him for all he's done and for offering to drive Tyson to St. George with him every once in a while so we can see each other more. Coach Croshaw really is such a great guy and very understanding of how hard our situation is. "I feel like a child molester taking him away 2 months after you got married." hahaha Croshaw is an old crazy funny man :).

Tyson is surrounded by great people there everyday, but I know he misses his wifey and I miss my hubby more than I thought I ever would. Such a great weekend (minus the 110 degree weather everyday), I only wish I would have taken more pictures!
Dropping me off at the airport 
Love you Tys! See you in St. Geezy this weekend! 

Thursday, August 4

Are You Insane?!

Well, I thought I would just make a quick post to update on what's goin on around here.

Tyson left for Mesa, AZ on Sunday. His plan is to play football at the J.C. down there and hopefully get a scholarship to a D1 school. Things are really rough in the football world if you don't have a scholarship; walk-ons are lucky if they get to see the field at all.
At a Junior College, you can only play football your Freshman and Sophomore years; Tyson is a sophomore in football so it's his last chance to make it or break it. If there is no scholarship with his name on it come December, we're callin' it good and gonna move on like a normal married couple for once lol. The stress really can be too much sometimes, and you have to take a step back and think what's really worth it in the end.
It's been really hard already being away from him and it's only Thursday! But I have a flight booked to see him next Friday for the weekend to catch his first camp game.

You're probably thinking I'm crazy for not going right? "Is she insane?! She didn't go with him to Powell for a week and now this?!"  Well, we both decided it was best that I stay and keep things stable here while he figures out his football situation there. It wouldn't have been wise to leave my amazing job that pays so well and has great benefits for something so temporary as 4 months at a lower paying job and not knowing if this will all even work out for him (sending us back home in the end).  
I fully support Tyson in his dreams 110%; if I didn't support him, I wouldn't have even let him go to Mesa. And as hard as this has been, it'll be good for us at the end of this football road.

 Well, there ya go. Finally an update. Wish Tyson good luck in camp - they have two team cuts during camp to widdle it down to the best; I always pray for him to do his best in all he does (football related or not that's all that matters to me).

So much going on that I can't predict or control; and if you know me, it hasn't been sitting well lol. But I've been learning to make the best of what I have and stay positive for Tyson; that's all he needs right now is his wife there to make him feel comforted at the end of the day, hundreds of miles away while he's all alone.

Love and miss you Tys