Monday, August 29

Oh Geezy

I was so lucky to be able to meet Tyson in St. George two weekends in a row!

Coach Croshaw's wife lives in St. George so he drives up basically every weekend and is nice enough to drive some players as well when they want to head home for the weekend.

I wasn't all too sure about getting to see Tyson this weekend since it was all dependent on whether they won or lost their Thursday game. Well, I guess 49-2 was a big enough win to call it a weekend :).

It's been really nice having a "half-way" point to meet up for the weekends, so thank you Mom and Steve, for letting us stay at the condo.

Unfortunately, with the official season starting this weekend, there aren't any in between weekends to meet up again. So, we'll have to make due with me flying out to his home games every other weekend.

115 degree weather... here I come!! 

Tys and I have loved these little weekend getaways; they've been mini-vacations for us. We've seen a few movies, eaten out A LOT, had pool time, and just sat around enjoying our time together.
Tys and I went and saw Final Destination 5 in 3D (A great sequel/prequel) and also Redboxed The Eagle (excellent movie!) and also Insidious (don't even waste your $1.07 at the Redbox) 

I absolutely LOVE the self-serve frozen yogurt shop Krave! We eat there every day we're in St. George. I totally want to open a self-serve shop one day; people don't realize that they serve themselves a lot when they have the opportunity and end up paying for it too lol.

We also took a hike up to the Dixie rock to watch the fires around the the city and watch the storms roll in. So pretty! Unfortunate, but pretty :). We took some pictures but it was so dark and windy, the pictures didn't turn out so well.

On our last St. George trip, we were lucky enough to have dinner with Tyson's sister Brittney and her husband James and their cute boys Mason and Caleb. They live in Chicago so we rarely ever see them.

Like I mentioned, we ate out a lot (I've probably gained 10 pounds!) Dennys, Dairy Queen, Pizza Hut, Bear Paw, and Outback. AHHH!!! haha I need a home cooked meal real quick!

Thanks for the fun Geezy weekends Tys!! 

See you in AZ this weekend for the Mesa vs Snow College game!! 

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