Friday, August 19

People Watching

Some people find the phrase "People Watching" creepy or even rude. Well, I'd LOVE to know one person who has never just been waiting around for something and just sat back to look at the people around you and found some to be very eccentric or different..................exactly lol.

Madison was working at a table for her work Key Bank at the concert, so Ryan got me out of the house to go chill with her and check things out. (Of course when he picked me up, about an hour of Mortal Kombat was required first lol)

I lived right downtown for 3 years and never went to a Twilight concert. And to be honest, I don't even remember hearing it at all; which surprises me because it was so loud for downtown! Just goes to show how oblivious I am and what my selective hearing will or won't pick up lol.

After finding Madison and getting something to eat, we sat down at her booth and started noticing common qualities in the people around. Skinny jeans (on men), flowing dresses, teevas, no shoes, headbands around the forehead, sunglasses (at night), gages, vans, toms, tanks (on men). Man, I had totally forgotten what it was like living in the SLC lol.
You would be surprised which gender is wearing which pants lol
**Are boys aware that excessive wear of skinny jeans lowers your sperm count? Just saying**

Here are a couple of our favies from the night :)

I feel the acid wash shorty shorts and boots really accent his legs quite nicely
Definitely a "free spirit" who completely collapsed infront of us for a good hour lol
Nothing like a fun night in the SLC with some family :)

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  1. Hey Sarah! It's Leslie! I just wanted to tell you I blog stalk you! I hope everything is going well! Sorry your husband is so far away. That's a bummer :(