Tuesday, September 6


Pretty sure I'm racking up lots of Delta SkyMiles lately! haha but it's so worth racking up each one. 

Another weekend in Mesa, AZ! Hot? Extremely! Sweaty? You betcha! Worth it? Always. 

Saturday, the Mesa T-Birds played the Snow College Badgers. Unfortunately, Mesa lost. The T-Birds had some AMAZING defense goin' on all night (3 interceptions, Snow not getting 1st downs). But, you can't win a game if your offense can't capitalize on what the defense offers up. The offense definitely needs to spend some more time together and get on their A-game real quick! I love my Utes, but watching Mesa offense is Utah offense deja vu lol. 

But, Tyson got mentioned in this article for having a great game - and that he did. 

Tys, Me, Lora, Jake
Tys had the chance to play against his childhood friend Jake Palmer as well. Always a good time seeing friends. I think Tyson really enjoyed it as well, not only because he got to see a friend for the first time in who knows how long, but his parents also drove down for the game as well. It was a good dose of home for Tyson and I know he really appreciated the support

I was so excited I finally got to wear the shirt I had been working on for a week! I even had a lady ask me where I got it and if I would make her one. I had to decline as I'm not down there enough to get it back to her soon enough. But I love it! 
I blinged out the football laces :)
Blinged out BUCK as well
 I made the whole T-Bird logo by hand. Took me forever but it turned out so cute!!

Any who, unfortunately Tyson didn't walk away injury free. We think he got his foot stepped on or something, but he has a sprain on the top of his foot, tons of scratches and bruises and an extremely sore neck. But during the game I could tell something was wrong with Tys. He called himself out of the game during 2nd quarter and was saying he couldn't breathe and couldn't feel his legs. Turns out his sodium and glucose levels were extremely low. The trainers gave him a few drinks and salt strips but he definitely wasn't himself the rest of the night. BUT, if he can get mentioned for playing so well at his lowest physical point, then you can only imagine how great he is when he's 100%

I tried to pamper him and give him hot towels and a neck massage for an hour, while he (we) watched Titanic :). 
He has shorts on promise :)

Such a fun weekend! I'm just sad I don't get to see him until the 16th. 

Rough goodbyes this time, but I always know things are going to be okay. 

Love you Tys! 

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