Thursday, September 15

Grid Iron Season

This past weekend was pretty chill. Got to spend some time with my family and also the Bucks too!

Roxi and Jason invited me to the Lone Peak vs Highland game on Friday to watch Josh, who's a Junior and a starting linebacker for the Knights. 
thanks for the pic Facebook :)
It was a lot of fun watching Josh play and I'm glad I went. I did end up getting pretty sad when I got home that night though. Why the emotions you husbandless lonely wife? Well, Tys played for Lone Peak, played about the exact same position Josh does, and Josh also wears Tyson's number. So the whole night I just pictured Tys out on the field and it really made me miss him. Not to mention, this was the first time I had been with his family without Tyson. A dose of the Bucks was good, just missed my hubby lots.

But Josh had a great game, as usual. He really is so much fun to watch. We always laugh at how he and Tyson run. (In a good way). They have such LONG legs, so when they run, you think they're running really slow, but in fact, they are covering a lot of distance lol.
My step-brothers go to Lone Peak (well, one is 9th), so I decided to drag 'em along to Sugarhouse. Super fun quality time with the little bros :)
Al, Sam, Me
Thanks Roxi and Jason, for getting me out of the house Friday night for some family time :)
Me & Roxi
Saturday was just a really relaxed day of football, football, and more football! Unfortunately the Colts lost. Gonna be a long season without Peyton.
That's how we felt too
Then we enjoyed some Utah and BYU games! We have one BYU fan in the house and yes, he does take crap constantly. But that night, BYU was playing Texas and Utah was playing USC, so neither side was fully convinced our teams would win. So we took bets on which team would lose by the least amount. haha we still have fun while staying realistic to the circumstances.
Not only were we switching back and forth between the two games, but I was able to watch Tyson's game online! 3 games at once? I know how to multi-task :).


I personally feel that the rivalry isn't as hyped this year. Maybe it's due to the separate conferences (or lack there of) this time. Or maybe because I'm not on campus anymore lol. I kinda wish the rivalry would just end. It's not that fun, just gets mean, and someone always ends up sneaking their beer into the stadium and holding onto it for 3 hours just to throw the beer on someone else's family ;) lol (sarcasm there)

Nonetheless, I wish I could still watch it. The T.D.S (team down south) VS the Utes - It's definitely 98% a PRIDE situation. As most football is. But Tyson's game is at the exact same time so my mom will be sending me CONSTANT updates :)

I definitely think BYU needs a new coach though. Real sick of looking at this lazy, no-personality all the time. *oh boy... what if Tyson got a scholarship to the Y?!!.. I would still wear my red with pride as an alumni :)*
Even ESPN can't remember this guy's name lol

Back to Saturday... Ryan and Madison invited me to a movie after the games. We went and saw Contagion.

Another epidemic movie but no one turning into zombies; they just die real quick. This wasn't too bad of a movie. Also wasn't really suspenseful either. I would recommend Redbox for this one if you are hoping for an intense epidemic, science-y movie and don't want to be disappointed. But all in all, another movie to make germaphobes like me even more grossed out by everything around me.
Seriously, I won't even touch door handles
That about sums everything up for the past weekend.

I heard it's cooling down though! So only 98 all weekend! Woo Hoo! ;)

Can't wait to see Tyson! These every other weekend visits are way too rough.

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