Monday, September 19


Another great weekend in Mesa! The weather was FINALLY tolerable enough for me to sit outside at a 7pm football game :).

Although Tyson's team didn't win, he had another great game with some great plays. (forward to about :30)

This is Tyson putting the pressure on the QB for an incomplete pass; I always manage to shut the video off before the announcer can announce his name lol sorry Tys.

During the first few minutes of the game, the crowd and I saw this giant flame in the sky that lasted about 15 seconds and then was just gone. I assume it was just a meteor, but right after that, this is what we saw... (watch all of it!)

I was a bit excited! I'm an avid alien believer! In the vast space of the unknown, I don't for one second believe we are the only tiny itty bitty things in this universe. But, I researched online and found out that there was a Consitution Fair in Gilbert, the city next to Mesa. They said it was parachuters holding giant lights.... well, I'm still very skeptical and choose to believe it was possibly something else :)

Anywho, unfortunately Tys did not walk away from the game unscathed. Not only is his right foot still hurting (from who knows what) and has to wear a boot, but he came off the field and collapsed cuz he couldn't walk. I was so worried! Turns out he has Turf Toe on his left foot now too. (Thank you WebMD). Boy do I not like this sport some (most) times lol. He gets his xrays examined by the team Dr. tomorrow, so I'm crossing my fingers and praying hard it's nothing serious that can just be healed with some R&R.

I was lucky enough to see my cheer coach, family-friend, and big-sister figure for years, Ashley (Linford) McBride! She just had her 4th baby and he is such a cutie! Born almost three weeks early and weighs almost 10 pounds! It was so much fun catching up since I haven't seen her since my junior year of high school! Love you Ash!!

Tys and I got to just have a chill weekend and of course, went and saw a movie before I had to catch my flight;
We really weren't sure how to describe this movie. It was done well, but I think it's more of an adult movie. Adult as in, our parent's generation would probably enjoy it more. It's hard to describe! Artsy, dark, mafia, gorey? This nice (very dull) guy (who's name you never find out played by Gosling) gets caught up in some messy stuff and basically everyone ends up dying; and in HORRIBLE ways! Haha so.... good story I suppose but we probably could have Redboxed it and seen a happier movie (boobie warning as well) ;)

This weekend felt like it flew by way too fast. Another 11 days without the hubby :/But it's always the best day when I get to see his cute face!

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  1. thanks for the wonderful pic of me :)..... It WAS so good to see you. I am serious about having you guys over when you come in town again. AND geez Sar, that last pic of you and TYson? You look like a MODEL! Beautiful.