Monday, September 26

Homecoming Festivities

It's always an extremely sad weekend when I don't get to see the hubby but, the families kept me busy with Lone Peak High's Homecoming

The Buck's let me bum around with them at another one of Josh's games. I can't believe how crazy the homecoming games are at Lone Peak! Maybe it just seemed like a bigger deal because they're a bigger school, but I for sure don't remember Orem turning it into a mini-carnival! 

The one thing I wasn't too sure about though... why American Fork is such a huge rivalry for Lone Peak. LP completely KILLED them by the time it was even second quarter. AF isn't very good at all. I remember Orem losing interest in being Mountain View's rivalry because it just wasn't a challenge or very fun anymore lol. 
Haylee, Roxi, and I were having a fun time trying to get the Fazzoli to sound right. And yes, some of you may know the Fazzoli by its former name "Vuvuzella", but, we can never remember that name lol. 

After LP killed AF, we took a few pics with Joshy then headed out for the night. BTW, Joshy had a pick 6 that game! Congrats little man ;) 
Look how cute my Buck boys are! 
Saturday, I spent the whole day helping my mom set up for Alex's homecoming date dinner. It was a very cute idea to have dinner in the backyard with the valley view. Pretty sure my mom and I lost like 5 pounds running up and down stairs a hundred times! 

It was so fun seeing Alex going to his first high school dance! I had so many fun times at my high school dances with so many great friends!! Enjoy them people!! And go to LOTS of dances with LOTS of different dates :). 

Unfortunately, Tyson's team lost yet another game this weekend. It's really hard seeing him go from some great teams to one that hasn't put points on the board in 3 games. But it's been a great experience for him nonetheless. Not to mention, his foot is still hurting. Thankfully he's getting an MRI on it sometime this week. I just want him to start getting the treatment he needs so his foot gets better SOON! 

That's about it for this past weekend. I cannot wait to see Tyson this coming weekend!! Another fun get-away in Mesa with the hubs!! 

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