Sunday, October 9

Updates & Cinematic Adventures

It's been about 2 weeks since my last update... Ma bad!! So, enjoy some pics and brief words :).

These first few are from Alex's Homecoming dinner I set up with my mom; found some extra pictures on my camera.

Hand-made those invites myself 
Last weekend I was able to fly out again to Mesa for another home game of Tyson's. Unfortunately there was no W, but at least the offense put about 21 points on the board this time! 
After our Sunday movie
We're always able to catch a flick before my flight leaves...
Wasn't in the mood at all for a sad cancer movie, but surprisingly this was a good happy cancer movie. Tys and I were laughing at a bunch of scenes but apparently no one else understood the humor lol. 

My parents went out of town to Hawaii last week so Ry, Mad, & I were house sitting. It was a lot of fun hanging out with them; nothing like some sibling bonding :). We decided to watch a horror movie every night in honor of October - THE BEST MONTH EVER!! Unfortunately, I was only at the house Monday-Thursday morning so we only got to watch three.
Creepy classic :)
A really good 4th ending to the series 
Ry had never seen it and was on edge the whole time
The only reason I wasn't at the house to help ALL week was because I had the opportunity to meet Tyson in St. George! So, I took Friday off from work and drove down after work Thursday to see him.

Always a great weekend in St. George. I couldn't live there because it's a little boring, but when it's just a weekend get away, it's perfect for enjoying the chill pace. 

Another visit to Krave! 
We redboxed a few movies while enjoying some college football in between. Still upset with my Utes; couldn't hang on to the ball to save their lives. Ready for the season to be over and for Utah to figure out what a quarterback is supposed to look like. 
Loved this the first time! So funny
Not too bad. You'll walk away with a life lesson ;) 
Surprisingly interesting!
So happy I had a 3 day weekend with Tyson! I still miss him every single day. But.... Guess who's comin to town Friday??? TYSON!!! He hasn't been here since he left August 1st. He has a game at Snow College Saturday so his coach let him fly in to see the fam for the weekend. CANT WAIT!! 

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  1. Sorry about his leg! That really sucks. You look SO beautiful in these pictures by the way! Love ya!