Sunday, October 16

And That's The Game. . .

Well, it was quite an eventful weekend around here that's for sure!

Friday, Tyson FINALLY got to fly out to Utah! He said he loved flying in and seeing mountains. Sorry AZ, your mounds of dirt are no match :). Tyson hasn't been home since he left August 1st and it was the best having him back home.

After running up to my mom's house so she could see him, we met up with his family at Josh's game. Lone Peak (still undefeated in 5A) beat Riverton and Tys loved getting to finally watch Josh play this year.
Tys enjoyed the cooler weather but I was looking for some gloves and a parka by the end of the game, 
We slept at the Buck's that night since Tyson and his dad had to get up early to drive to Ephraim for the Snow game. I'd never been to Ephraim before and had only heard it was a small town. So when we ran into this.........
... I thought it was hysterical!! Herding sheep right in front of the campus. As pretty as the college buildings were, I could NEVER live in Ephraim. I'm a city girl, and when the big half-time announcement is that Subway just hit town, I knew it wouldn't be for me lol.
And although the guest bleachers were fit for a small school band, it was fun being RIGHT behind the sidelines.
Watchin the O with his buddy
I had a lot of fun with Jason, Roxi, Haylee, and Roxi's parent's, the Orrs. We all were lucky enough to have some great tan lines by the end of the day as well! (sarcasm BTW; we had one-sided tan lines from the blazing sun!) haha I can't believe how hot it was Friday!

It was an absolutely AMAZING game! Rough first quarter but after that, it was tied the whole way and we even went into over time! Unfortunately we lost 34-37, but considering ALL of the refs were Snow College alumni, we overcame the odds and it was a great game nonetheless.

However, 3 minutes before the 4th quarter ended, Tyson was running towards the game pile and his teammate rolled into him right on top of his right leg. Not only has his foot been giving him problems lately but now, we get a broken fibula.
Tyson's x-ray
Poor Tys was so upset. I went down to the sidelines and they let us know his leg was broken. Tys was crushed. He's out for at least a month, just long enough to miss the rest of the season. So, we got him into my car and I sped off for Utah Valley Regional going about 100MPH the whole way! haha I was terrified we'd get pulled over but we were lucky enough to not see a single cop on I-15!

Thankfully we were only in the Triage Center for about 2 hours. They got him some pain medication, which hit pretty fast thankfully, took the x-rays and slapped a boot on him. They said if he was to break a bone, he got a perfect break. No surgery or anything. Just some Orthopedic check-ups once a week to make sure it's healing properly on its own.
All nice and drugged up :) (some awesome bruises on his arm too) 
So, we got Tyson all taken care of, got him some JCW's to cheer him up and chilled at the Buck's for a bit. His buddy Jake Palmer and his wife Lora came over to see how he was doin. Jake plays for Snow and had a great game! After they left, we went up to my parent's house so the fam could see Tyson since it had been so long and they won't be seeing him again until mid-December.

Today, we finally got to just relax. The weekend had seemed so crazy and busy that we enjoyed sleeping in and watching some episodes of Lost. Poor Tys just couldn't get comfortable all night, and his meds just aren't as strong as we had hoped. I actually loved getting to take care of him and be his little nurse. Without a husband around, I feel my wifey duties are just going to waste with no one to take care of.

This old article makes me laugh every time! 
I just dropped him off at the airport and watched him get wheeled off through security. It was really hard saying Good-Bye this time. I think because he was finally with me in OUR home, it just made it so much worse saying Bye again.

But, I get to fly out to Mesa Friday. It's the Homecoming game so we'll go watch and enjoy a football-free weekend together. Maybe go enjoy some Paranormal Activity 3!!! I CAN'T WAIT!! Tis the season! :)

**We'd love if you could please keep Tyson in your thoughts and prayers for a quick recovery** 

Love you Tys, GET WELL SOON! :* 

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