Monday, October 31

HaPpY HaLLoWeEn WeEkEnD!!

Tyson flew out AGAIN this weekend!! It's been so nice getting to see him almost every single weekend since he left. And just so you're aware for the next few weekend updates, here is our schedule:
* I fly to Mesa this weekend : just because
* Tyson flies out here November 10th : gets to catch another one of Josh's football playoff games
* Tyson flies out here November 17th : GETS TO go to Breaking Dawn midnight showing with me :)
* Tyson flies out here November 23rd : 5 day HOLIDAY BREAK!
* I fly to Mesa December 2nd : just because
* No visits the weekend of the 9th : Tys has to study for finals

I can't believe we are already down to just a few weekends! We only got to be a "real" married couple for about two months, and then, it turned into feeling like his mistress at La Quinta every other weekend.

It's really made me appreciate the time we do have together. Nagging about petty little meaningless things just isn't worth our time when our time has been so limited. It's really pushed our communication skills and we've learned to utilize what resources we have.


Any who, so Tyson flew in Friday after work as usual. We headed straight to Lone Peak for Josh's football game since they're in the playoffs. They were blowing Hunter out of the water; not even a close game. And so, the high school games continue. :)

Saturday, I attempted another breakfast for Tys. French toast, sausage, eggs, toast. It actually didn't turn out too bad; considering I NEVER get to practice cooking for anyone anymore.

My Mom came to take some pictures of Tyson & I for the family Christmas card. We're going collage-style this year since we can never get the whole family together. I love the way they turned out. Considering I don't have my wedding pictures yet (starting to wonder...) I need to fill our picture frames with some current pictures and these are the perfect start.

Later that night, Tys and I went to Thriller! I've gone a ton of times but I still love it! Tyson and I have gone every year since we've dated and surprisingly, he really likes it too. They added a few new dances this year but I wasn't impressed. Too dance-y for the Thriller concept. But, still loved it nonetheless!

Sunday, we spent a few hours with the Bucks. Ended up just going on a walk and pushing Tyson around in a wheelchair - definitely feeling it in my legs today! Then we just chilled at the apartment while I attempted yet another meal and made dessert for my work's Halloween Pot Luck.

I definitely need to learn how to cook meats; I seriously just can't get it right!

Made Cup O' Dirt for the work party. Loved it! They're so festive and very yummy :)

Later, I had to sadly drop Tyson of at the airport... man that's getting old.

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!! I absolutely LOVE Halloween! The weather has been perfect all October too which has made it even better since Fall is my favorite season.

I had to post a picture of Ryan and Madison's jack-o-lanterns. Haha can you tell which brand Ry is OBSESSED with?

My team at work dressed as Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (and the apple and the Witch). It was pretty nice wearing sweats all day :).

After work, I spent the rest of the night at my parent's house. Kinda sad spending my favorite holiday without Tyson. But, my mom was a trooper and watched Halloween with me! I have loved the Halloween series since I can remember - thanks Ry for always being my Halloween buddy growing up :)

Can NOT believe it's already November tomorrow! This year has seriously flown so fast! And it's been AMAZING! Almost time to work on the new Family DVD for 2011. Always fun to relive the year over again :).

Hope everyone had a fun and safe Halloween weekend!!


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