Sunday, October 23

Philanthropic Memories

Sometimes I'm SHOCKED that I even survived last week. 

When I started my job last December, it was CRAZY around the office as everyone got end-of-the-year loose ends all tied up. So when it came time for training camp, I kinda slid under the radar. Well, they finally caught me ;). Not only was I still managing my two specialty teams and 150+ doctors, but I was in training from 8-5 every day! Needless to say I pulled a few 9, 10, and even 11 hour days just to stay on top of things.


Monday, I was able to go back to my sorority for their Philanthropy week. It's been almost 2 years since I was there and it's crazy to think how fast time flies! (time for memory lane) 
I*week with the pledge class - P.I.T.A.  P.C.! (25 of us at initiation) 11/08
And this is what's left. So many have graduated and moved on! Love these girls always! (Philanthropy week 10/11)

Big & Little Reveal Day!! 

Our Fameree! Alexia is our Big
Not only is Alexia my Big, but we've been friends since we were 6 and roommates at AXO ! 
Kaniesa is my Twin. (Same pledge class, same Big)
I love those girls and of course with all of that estrogen 24/7 there was drama here and there, but we had some amazing times, great experiences, and shared the sad times as well. But no matter what went on we will always be Alpha Chi Omega sisters. 
Peace, Love, Alpha Chi Omega


Wednesday, I was able to meet up with my grandparents at Typhoon at the Gateway. Love them to pieces and it was so much fun catching up with them. Visits are too far in between. 


Friday, after taking my training camp tests, I left early for the airport to go see my crippled hubby :). He's still hoppin around with his boot and crutches but at least his pain is manageable. 

We were able to catch a flick Friday night! Paranormal Activity 3! 
I've been hearing that people either were completely freaked out by the ending or thought it was really lame. I personally thought it was pretty good and went along with the movie. There had to be a reason all the demonic activity was going on right? Well, the ending will reveal it for you. 


Saturday, we were able to just chill, get the oil changed in Tyson's car, and hit up the Mesa football game. Unfortunately, they didn't win. It was a pretty close game though! But to be honest, it was nice having Tyson next to me watching a football game :). 

Sadly, my flight left earlier today so we didn't have much time together. So, we just went to breakfast then he dropped me off at the airport. Ugh! One more weekend down and only 7 more to go! 

LOVE YOU TYS!! Can't wait to see you Friday!! (thx Roxi for flying Tys out here this weekend!) 

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