Tuesday, November 8

Quick Updates

Second to last visit to Mesa...CHECK!! WOOT WOOT!!

We actually did a whole lotta nothin this weekend and it was so nice! Food, TV, food, football, food, TV... the usual Mesa lifestyle for us lol. 
living our real niiice lifestyle all classy like 
Sunday before my flight we were able to catch another flick...

Aside from being a total Political-Socialist-Robin Hood story, it was pretty good. Crazy concept, which would completely never work. So, if you can block out the HUGE political message, it's a decent movie :)

Thanks for another great mini-vaca Tys! Can't wait to see you Thursday!

Tyson will be home THREE weekends in a row starting Thursday and I can't wait! And he finally has a little mobility in his leg so he won't be gimping so much ;).


I finally worked on/finished another pillow! My other co-worker requested one for her daughter's birthday. (big sports fan I'm guessing). But I thought it turned out pretty cute.
It looks denim but its just dark blue :)
Again, not denim :)
I have a new crafty project to take on now too. Bought some cute letters to mod-podge for the apartment. We'll see how they turn out lol.

And not only do I have that craft, but with Breaking Dawn approaching quickly, Madison, Andy, and I are gonna attempt to make some shirts for the traditional midnight showing!! can't wait!! 
Last year at Eclipse midnight showing (not homemade)
If there is one thing I would question in God's beautiful human creation, it would be the teeth of wisdom. If someone could enlighten me as to the purpose of these horrible things let me know. I had my bottom 2 taken out in high school and it looks like I'm going in for the last 2 soon. One is already growing in and it blows. I have my appointment with the dentist tomorrow for him to give me the go and set up my appointment. ohhh boyyy.

Well, that's about it for now. Sorry the update is pretty bland this time, with the holidays and craziness coming up, I'm sure things will pick back up. :)   
Awkward Family Photo :)

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