Monday, November 14

Homemade Ornament

After work today I went to Michael's for a good hour and a half lol. Craft stores are my Toys R Us!

I picked up a bunch of stuff for some Christmas/Birthday gifts (curse all of you with birthdays during the holiday season-my pockets are draining fast!) and also grabbed stuff to make an ornament for mine and Tyson's first Christmas together as a married couple :).

I got the idea off of Pinterest - of course lol. I loved the idea so much and wanted to start a simple cute tradition with Tys.

It actually wasn't that hard to make thankfully. Just needed:
* Ornament ball
* Ribbon
* Pearls
* Bling
* Letter (added '11 on the bottom for the year)
* Filler / Confetti
* Hot glue
It'll be nice when I just have everything on hand and don't have to purchase EVERYTHING EVERY TIME

The confetti was by far the worst part. I should have picked a heavier filler since this stuff is sticking to everything and I'm pretty sure I've inhaled some of it as well lol.

TIP: buy a bit heavier confetti than the light-weight "Celebrate It Confetti" brand.

And yes, my Christmas Tree is up already and it's only November 14th. Since Tyson isn't home that often I wanted to get it up to make everything feel festive. Although winter is not my favorite time of the year, I do love how cozy the glow of the Christmas tree makes the entire apartment when it comes on every night after work.

My bestie's birthday is Wednesday so I'm working on another craft for her and I hope it turns out well!
St. George with ma guurlll :)

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