Sunday, November 13

Cheer Babies

Another really fun weekend gone by way too fast!

Tys flew in Thursday since he didn't have school Friday due to Veteran's Day. Which, might I add a quick little side note; I am so thankful for all those who served and are serving us today. We wouldn't have our freedoms without them, and for them I am forever grateful.

- 11/11/11; hope you made wishes ALL day long :)

Thursday was pretty chill as usual. After I picked Tyson up from the airport, we headed straight to the store to pick up some food. I am completely lacking in the food department around here. Without someone else to feed, I just live off of whatever I can scrounge up until it's gone and then I resort to easy mac or some other college-student-diet. (which I am never ashamed of lol)
Pretty close; I would add hot pockets :)
Once I had some dinner made for Tys, we settled in for a night of LOST! It sounds bad but we watched 23 episodes this weekend!! hahaha we're a little obsessed. At the end of every episode we find ourselves yelling "WHAT??!!! NO WAY!!" Which leads into another episode so we can find out what is going on lol.
(am I the only one who has to fast forward the show intro because the music is too creepy? haha)
I apologize to those in high school that I made fun of for watching this every week; I am now on the wagon :).

Friday, I decided to go to work full day so Tys could spend some time with his family at Josh's semi-finals football game up at the U. Everyone kept me updated with the score and it was an amazing game! So excited to go to the Finals game this coming Friday.

I'll probably end up taking Friday off from work; between the Twilight: Breaking Dawn pt.1 midnight opening and the finals game Friday afternoon, I might as well take the day off because I would only get about 3 hours of sleep anyways - can't wait!!

BTW - I tried the Bleach Pen T-shirt Design Style for our Twilight shirts....
Should look like this.
Turned out like this
Totally didn't work! I had it all written out nicely and when I went back to check on it, it all blurred together - on to plan B!

I had an eye appointment after work to order some new contacts; needless to say I'm pretty sure I'm legally blind and my up-close-and-personal computer time at work 40 hours a week isn't helping lol. My mom doesn't suggest lasik though. Not sure the technology is quite there yet. So, the blindness continues!
I do have pretty dang good hearing :) 
That night, Tys & I decided to head downtown SLC for some grub. We went to Shogun. It is such a quaint little Japanese place tucked away on Main Street. You get to take your shoes off and all :)
Sorry for those we may have just offended 

Saturday, I dropped Tyson off at his sister's hair school to get a hair cut while I made a trip to Orem for my high school cheer girl's baby shower!! Kylie's belly is so cute and it was SO much fun getting to see the cheer girls again.
Kylie is so cute
St. Geezy 2005 Ky, Cass, Angie, Me
Me & Ky at EFY 2005
Focusing really hard at EFY ;)
HAHA! Crazy Day at Cheer Camp 05.
Best stunt group of '05-'06 :)
Hazens '05-'06
School dance 05
Sadies dance cheer group 05
Me & Cass at Sadies 
Kylie & Ash at Sadies
Stunt group - Mindy, Ky, Ash, Me
Cass & I on our way to a BBall game 05-06
Hazens Sr. year 06-07
Cheer Camp 06-07
Seniors/All Stars 2006-2007!
Super Sr.s Homecoming game 2007
Stunt group 06-07 Super Srs
One of my favorites. Love my flyin' Ky!
It was really so much fun seeing some of the high school girls again. It was funny noticing how mellow we all are compared to how we were in high school - what has growing up done to us?!  ;).

CONGRATULATIONS KY KY!!! You are going to be the cutest little momma!

After the shower, I picked Tyson up and we just headed back to the apartment for some lunch/dinner and more Lost. I really hope all of our questions are answered with this series; my head is gonna explode! lol

Today, (while watching countless episodes of Lost) I whipped out my Mod Podge and decided to make some crafts! They're really simple but it was fun to do while watchin the tube.
Aw presh :) 
Yes, Lost is on lol. "BUCK" on top of the TV
Don't know where to put this one yet
Showing the outlined letters
That's about it for this weekend. So much fun seeing old friends and being with the hubby. Couldn't have asked for more.

Tys flies in Thursday again this week! We're at 30 days and counting now!! CAN NOT WAIT TO BE WITH HIM AGAIN SOON!!


  1. I love the pictures! Thanks for coming and thanks for your cute gift! The bee on the bum is the cutest!

  2. In that cheer camp photo who's that girl on the end holding that drink mug?