Tuesday, November 15

Covered in Feathers

It's that time... Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Part 1 is in 2 days! 

* I find myself not so much of a DIE HARD fan anymore. Maybe just because Kristen and Rob are 100% the most awkward couple ever on screen and off. Hopefully this movie gets me back into the swing of things :)

Andy, Madison, and I made shirts this year instead of just buying some. 

Needless to say, everyone left about 45 minutes ago and I JUST finished vacuuming up red feathers lol. 
Andy did all of the puffy paint writing
I glued feathers and some stones
and Madison... she was our motivational cheerleader lol Bless your heart Mad ;)

Better be good ;)

We also made super cute head bands.... we have a theme going here lol

Andy rockin her gypsy head band :)

Ryan tagged along, brought some queso and drinks and also added some lights to my christmas tree since some went out. However, I'd like to blame Ryan for some apartment malfunctions tonight: 
* Power went out about 10 times while he was microwaving
* Internet went out while he was playing Mortal Kombat
* My tree was pretty much a mess by the time he finished 
* A newly glued t shirt got stepped on 
I'm sure there's more lol. haha love you Ry, but you were a little jinxed tonight lol. 

Mama Barb brought Max over tonight too with some pizza for dinner! Love having her here. Steve is out of town in Cali for work so we invited her to play with us :).

Love me some good family time! Thanks ladies (and big brotha) for coming over :)

PS: LOVE Renesmee for Breaking Dawn Part 2
This little girl is adorable!!

***More crafts starting tomorrow, but I probably won't be able to post them for a while since they are birthday and Christmas gifts. Is the anticipation killing you already?? ;)

--nighty night!

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