Tuesday, November 29

Pinterest Has Taken Over

Mama Barb's Birthday isn't until Sunday, but I finished the final touches on her first gift last night and couldn't wait to give em to her.

So I brought them to work today for an early Birthday gift.

The colors fit mom's holiday decor really well. And thanks to Pinterest, she has a new craft for the holidays :D.

She even requested some taller gold ones for her Relief Society Christmas party next week to match her plates; off to Michaels after work!
Used the soft balls from yarn I got at Michaels
Tissure paper: square cut, wrap on the end of a pencil, and hot glue
Tissue paper: cut long strips, twist the strip, then spiral in on itself.
Added pearls and the pencil-end technique to fill gaps
I FINALLY get to see my best girl Nani for her belated-Birthday dinner on Thursday; so I'll be able to post about her gift I made as well.

The world of Pinterest has taken over my dining area :)

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