Friday, November 18

Twi-Mom Rant

First, I just want to get my feelings of the movie out of the way before I go off on my Twi-Mom/Grandma rant.

* I was so happy this movie was better than the others. Bella and Edward FINALLY have obvious chemistry and I don't have to feel uncomfortable watching them awkwardly breathe in each other's faces while they try to resist the sexual urges.

* I love the warmer look to the characters/movie compared to the cooler/blue tint of the first Twilight movie.

* Her wedding is GORGEOUS!!!! I loved the setting so much!
Love the willow trees
* The honeymoon location is AMAZING and I want to go there one day ;).

* The baby is adorable and I can't wait for the little girl in Part 2.

* Wait for the credits to roll because there's a little quick clip for what leads into Part 2 as well.


The first Twilight book was released in October 2005; a little over 6 years ago. The Twilight series falls under the genre of YOUNG ADULT, FANTASY, AND ROMANCE. The series was created for tweens, teens, and young adults to get lost in a world of werewolves, vampires, and forbidden love.

When you think of "young adult", do you think of 20-30 year olds or 30-60 year olds? Your answer is probably not the latter. So, why might I ask, are 35+ year olds, swooning over 17 year olds and obsessed with this series?

Good question because I don't know.

I have theories, but they start leading towards personal lack of satisfaction somewhere in their lives and I don't feel like delving into that.

I'm also taking a wild guess, that if these Twi-Moms are out at midnight showings (with no tweens or teens tagging along) on a Thursday night, they must not have jobs to go to the next morning. With that assumption being made, could they not just go to a matinee the next afternoon?

The difference of moms/grandmas going to a matinee vs midnight showing to the same movie, is that it's a little creepy to look so obsessed over 17 year old vampires and werewolves.

Not only are they out at midnight leaving their kids and husbands behind for some teen-wolf-six-pack action, they are busy wearing vampire fangs, yelling at the screen for Jacob to rip his shirt off and yelling "Edward can break my headboards any day!" Creepy???? I think so.

I don't show up to Dora the Explorer On Ice  to get a glimpse of some kid in tight pants, so let's not make things awkward for everyone; you can be a Twi-Mom, just keep it on the D.L. because it's a little strange for us to see/hear you swooning over "young adult"vampires and werewolves at midnight on a weekday.

Age-appropriateness not only applies for young children who want to watch adult movies, but also applies for adults who want to watch young movies.


* and enjoy our pics from last night :)
Love our shirts and headbands!
Oh no!! ;) 
Looks a bit kinky lol
haha love the boys' faces 
Me and the Hubs
Love this one of the girls
Invited one of my besties (Alexia) along too :)
One more year of Twilight - at least we have................
The Hunger Games to look forward to in March :) 

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