Sunday, September 11

Widow Pillows

I only call these my widow pillows because I made all of these the first two weeks Tyson was gone. :)

Sewing is something I LOVE to do but haven't had any time to do with bein a little wifey and all. But once Tys left for AZ, I picked up the hobby again. I got the inspiration from this blog. I love her quilts and pillows and I'm determined to keep making some!

My mom is nice enough (and always is) to feed into my little projects because she knows they keep me busy and that I love doing them. So, she requested some decorative pillows for the house.

She wanted a little bit of red accent to go with her fun dalmatian-spotted chairs. I love the way they turned out.
I think they turned out really cute :)
Of course, because we all know Mom loves her dog more than anyone, she wanted a pillow with Max on it. I think it was a really close comparison :)
My co-workers had asked one day what I was doing to keep busy since Tys was gone and I mentioned I had made a few pillows for my mom. One of my friends at work asked if I would make her one with the Utah Jazz and Utah Utes on it. Of course I did :). Her's was just a smaller version than the ones I had made. Every single piece cut out by hand.
I love my projects! I've been told I could sell my things easily, but for now, I've just been making things here and there because I love to do it and it keeps me occupied while my hubby is away. Maybe one day I'll consider the selling idea :) 

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  1. Wow, Sarah, you are amazingly talented! What fabulous sewing. I love the sports pillows and of course the doggie one. You obviously have a flair for decorating too. I am soooo glad you stopped by my blog and commented so I could find your blog.

    Do make the breadsticks, they are really easy and will wow everyone - they will think you are a master baker! Even the second time I made them, I had tons of wows.

    Did you see I have your wedding cake on my sidebar? People have put it all over Pinterest - still amazes me how gorgeous it is.