Tuesday, December 6

Even Ornaments Bleed Red

My team at work is having a Christmas party Saturday night up in Park City. We drew names at work and we have to get an ornament for whoever we drew.

I figured I would be okay posting this early since my Manager doesn't look at my blog (no facebook). She is a HHUUGGEE University of Utah fan! You'd be shocked to see some of the things she does to her home, yard, what she wears, her tailgating trailer, and even her restaurant Wing Nutz in Draper is decked out in Ute gear too lol.

Obvious idea for what to get her, but of course I had to craft SOMETHING!  :)

Bought a plain ornament from the Red Zone in Sandy . . . .
The one I bought came with a "U" on it
. . . . and added my little touch to it with whatever I could scrounge up in my crafting supplies and came up with:
buttons, feather, rhinestone, pearls, 
double-sided tape & glitter for the stripe
* I put the feathers down to the side to represent the U of U drum logo :) 
I thought it turned out pretty festive and I think she'll really like it. 

**Beware of the 'glitter on double-sided tape' technique; I brushed the glitter on with a small paint brush and crafted over paper towels to catch the fallen glitter. I also used a lint roller brush to pick the excess feathers and glitter of the table and myself :)

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