Saturday, December 17

Oh yeah, I'm married!

Tys is officially home for good as of 10:45 PM Thursday night! 
He looks a lot smaller than when he left; but that's because he's about 25-30 pounds lighter lol. Not only did he sweat off about 10 pounds his first couple of weeks in AZ, but breaking his leg didn't help either. I personally think he looks really good and NORMAL lol. I don't need my guy all big and meaty; love him just the way he's meant to look :)

Thought I would make him a "Welcome Home" banner since I was pretty out of it from getting my wisdom teeth out that day.
I didn't give myself enough time to make it, so the details aren't where I was hoping they'd be.
But I learned how to make these fans! A little tough but so cute

It's been really nice having him around and knowing I don't have to take him to the airport tomorrow. However, after he finally finished unpacking this morning, it really made me/us realize that we definitely need a second room. It's getting a little to cozy in this place lol.

Definitely gotta get back into a married routine. We've been apart longer than we've been married so picking up wifey duties is a work in progress again :).

I just feel bad because my mouth has been making me so drowsy all weekend, but Tys has been a trooper just watching Lost and playing his games while I nap. I've tried not having to take any pain meds, but even half a pill has me zonked out in 15 minutes.

Not to mention, I am absolutely SOOO sick of soft foods! I feel like I've been eating baby food all weekend and it's definitely gotten old.

We're gonna hit up Josh's basketball games tonight down at Orem High; I'm excited to go back to the field house to the old stompin grounds - still so weird it's been almost 5 years since we graduated.

And tomorrow we're doing a mini-Christmas day since Ryan & Madison will be in Texas over Christmas visiting her dad. Can't wait to watch the DVD and play some Hide-and-Go-Seek :)

Hope everyone has a fun weekend!

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