Monday, June 4

Fitness Play Dates

I just got back from a great Monday Kickboxing class; kicks my butt every time! Seriously! The only thing that made it better this time? I had a buddy!! My close friend Lexie came with me this time. Her husband is in class Mondays and Wednesdays and I'm alone, so we're going to take a class those two days and then do our own thing every other day. 

So, between my gym buddy and my hiking buddies, I better be fit by the end of summer lol. 

I completely miss my cheer body! I know I'll never be where I was because a cheer body is completely unique considering how you get it - tumbling, jumping, kicking, running, dancing, and throwing people EVERY SINGLE DAY ALL YEAR LONG! I wish there were cheer clinics for stiff old people like me ;) - I'd go in a heartbeat! 
Clockwise: 1)Sophomore year  2)Best stunt group EVA! 3)  Crazy Day at camp, we rocked the mullet every year! 4)Sophomore year 5) car wash.
YES! HELLO?! Of course I miss those legs and check out my arms! Maybe one day I can have a piece of this back ;) 

Any who, I've never really had workout buddies so hopefully this helps! I don't like actually working out with people cuz we end up just talking instead of working out, but to have a friend taking classes with me is definitely gonna help! 

YAY for fitness play dates with girlfriends!! (and hope you enjoyed the random cheer pics I found lol) 

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