Friday, June 1


I finally jumped onboard the Instagram train and I don't know what took me so long! I actually downloaded it quite a while ago, but didn't know what to do so I just deleted it that same day lol (I have a lot of patience, can ya tell? haha)

I just love how the pictures turn out; makes me feel super artsy with no effort :). If you don't have it, GET IT! I LOVE looking at people's pictures! (in a non-creepy way of course)

My favorite part about Facebook are the pics so now I have something that shows me ONLY pictures! Not enough people post often though so here is my invite to you - GET THE INSTAGRAM APP!!!

Here are some pics I took or turned into instagram shots
(Long Island)
(back porch)
I also downloaded -free with a gift card :) - the PicFrame App; it lets you put multiple pictures together in so many options of frames and colors.

So instead of looking at a long line of single pictures......
Ry & Mads
third-wheelin it!
Grandparent's house
.... I can combine them into an artsy collage:

LOVE these pics I took of Max while on a walk at my mom's
My Friday Night lol 
Definitely missin' the hubs a lot today/night. Even stayed later at work cuz I didn't wanna go home to an empty apartment. Mama talked me into buying a couple shirts to cheer me up a bit; and although they are super cute, I still miss having my best friend. Goin on a month next week and that's by far the longest we've ever been apart!

I dropped the ball the other day during a dramatic scheduling breakdown (lol) and had to (at the time) reschedule my flight to see Tyson. So I won't be seeing him until July 20th now instead of June 22nd.

Facebook friends, remember how I posted that I got accepted at USA Cheer? Well, I was unsure at first about applying for the summer position anyways because I knew my full-time job was priority and it would be almost impossible to get that much work off for summer cheer camps. But, I applied for it anyways so as not to shut down the opportunity right away.

Well, cheer lady and I had some miscommunication so I will not be doing the summer cheer camps anymore; it just wasn't a "good fit" for my life right now. But she did want me to call her in the fall for competition season and that was my first choice anyways when I originally applied!

Long story short, I freaked when she told me I had 5 camps to attend, rescheduled my flight and canceled the hotel, realized I couldn't take work off, cancelled summer cheer, and was left realizing I wasted $700 on rescheduling my NY trip that didn't need to be rescheduled - if I had only waited a day to figure things out! I was just so caught up in planning cheer camps around work I didn't even realize it wasn't going to work out anyways.

So yes... COMPLETELY dropped the ball and was so upset. Hopefully Tyson has forgiven me by now. LESSON LEARNED! Patience is definitely a virtue.

However, on the other side of that, when I had originally booked my trip, I was waiting PATIENTLY on someone to help finalize my plans and my flight jumped up $100 in the 45 minutes I waited lol. So, I guess I need to find a happy medium of thinking before rescheduling and just making the decision if I know what to do.

Enough blabbing..... hope everyone is enjoying their weekends! I'll be out with my girls again tomorrow hiking and getting some Vitamin D!


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  1. Im sorry!! You would be the best cheer coach around! I hope times goes fast for you so you can see your hubby soon! {but I want time to go slower because of kennedy}