Monday, May 28

Memorial Day Festivities

First off, I do want to post my unconditional gratitude to those who have served and/or are serving our country today. I may not be the most patriotic person on the outside, but in my heart I am thankful everyday for those who have struggled, suffered, and worked so hard to keep our country's freedoms. I can't even watch those "Coming Home" clips without bawling like a baby. I'm so eternally grateful.

As much as I would have loved to have slept in today, my girl Haley and I decided to hike the "Y" today. Haley's fiancé is out of town for the summer as well so we've decided to make different hikes every Saturday we're available to keep us busy a bit; and it's a great excuse to see my best friends :).

I cannot believe how tough that hike was! lol. I under-estimated it that's for sure. It wasn't a long hike, it was just VERY VERY steep. My legs were burning but I can't wait for these hikes to get easier :)

I forgot how fit Utah Valley people are! Seriously, SO many people on bikes today, and not to mention, almost everyone hiking the Y was carrying a child on their backs or pushing a stroller! Man these people are tough cookies!

I would have preferred a big ol' U right here, but "When in Rome" ;) lol
Mid-hike during one of our many stops :)
We made it! 
Super hot and tired lol
So, I blurred the faces in case people know this mother and son lol. I'm seriously ashamed of her for ruining a nice healthy hike for her chubby kids with a box of Twinkies! REALLY?! The girl still had half of a Twinkie being shoveled in her mouth while Mom was opening her a third. How bout some fruit or a granola bar lady?!

This little girl got separated from her parents and was kind of following us for a few minutes before we heard her slip behind us. Before she started crying, Haley was sweet enough to pick her up, hold her hand out and tell the girl we would walk her to the bottom to find her parents. Thankfully Mom was about 5 minutes down the trail and was looking for her - definitely a good deed done today. (Haley's cute with kids BTW) :) 

Thanks Hale, for pushin my out of shape butt up the mountain today :) 
After the hike, we went and picked up our Nani so we could play for the day. We drove up to my mom's house, chilled and watched trash TV lol. Perfect way to end my originally lonely Memorial Day :)

Thank you girls for always being there - especially when the hubby AND family are out of town :)


  1. Loved it! Yesterday I was watching coming home videos for about an hour. Let me just tell ya, the tears were STREAMING!!!!!

  2. Oh what a fun day!! I am the same way with Coming Home clips! haha

  3. hahaha the Twinkie picture killed me. I seriously HATE it when moms give their chubby kids junk food. So annoying! haha!