Thursday, May 17

R&R Heaven

I had got to take half-day at work today; although some R&R is always a treat, it got even better when my living room went from this....

to this.....

LOVE LOVE our new couch!! We had a little love seat that I bought at Ikea when I moved into my first apartment, but it was just WAY too small; it'll be a part of our office/craft room once I get that put together within the next week or so. But, we invested in this beauty and I love it! Poor Tyson doesn't get to enjoy it until August, but I'll make sure it gets some good use :)

Gotta find a cute table or something to go with it now too! Love me some projects to take on with my mama!

Oh, and I guess Oliver isn't enjoying my couch as much as I am; he'd rather sleep in the corner lol

Thought I would share our newest purchase while getting a new post in here as well :)

1 comment:

  1. heck yes girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you got it!! best couch EVER!! seriously everyday kb says ahh i love our couch haha you will love it to i'm sure. it really has been so awesome for us!! wahoo love youuuuu girl!! and miss you tons to!!