Monday, May 21


*Weekend in Review*

Friday: Definitely a VERY Chill day. After work, I went home to my mama's for some dinner and then had nothing else to do for the night so I went to the gym til 11:30PM. My mom told my step-dad that she was worried about me walking around at night especially in my little gym clothes; my step dad's response, "You're worried about her?! I feel sorry for the guy that tries to attack her!" hahaha I thought it was pretty funny.

I actually LOVED going to the gym at night! It was pretty much empty, had the Cardio Cinema to myself, and I loved not having to fight for machines, equipment, etc. It definitely made me wonder though; I know I'm here because the hubby is out of town and I'm not tired, but why are the rest of these people here? Body image issues? Depressed? Alone? Or in one guy's case, he seemed to be preparing for a competition as he ripped off his shirt and started doing poses and grunting out of nowhere! haha Made me giggle. But, no matter what the others were there for, I know I definitely enjoyed the "me" time and getting a good work out in to help me crash in bed that night.
hahaha pretty much like this. GROSS
Saturday: Met up with my mom at Costco to get some food, but little did I know Costco had a whole selection of classic Disney movies on DVD!! My mom was laughing and shaking her head at how indecisive I was at trying to pick one out. I told her we could finish picking up what we needed to and I would just come back to it before check-out. I LOVE the classic Disney movies! They are so cute! I knew I didn't want Fox & the Hound, Lion King, or Toy Story 3; why might you ask? All of them make me cry lol. I'm a ball baby with everything and just wanted a cute movie, not something to make me sad and cry all night! So, after much deep contemplation I went with A Bug's Life and Alice in Wonderland - don't you fret, I'm going back for more :D.

thought this was funny :)

Later that day I FINALLY got to meet up with my girls!!! The best/funniest trio we know lol. We've been besties since senior year of high school and it's never gonna change. Nani, Haley, and I have always had the best times together. I seriously never laugh harder than when I'm with these two; and Saturday was no exception.

We met up and went downtown to City Creek to check out the new mall; GORGEOUS! I haven't gone yet because I like to let "Openings" die down before I check em out because I'm not much of a crowd's person. After City Creek we went to sushi at Takashi. It was pretty good. I love sushi and can never complain. We spent the rest of the night in sweats at my apartment laughing hysterically and getting some good talks in.

I love you two and definitely wouldn't be the same person without you! I can't wait to hike the Y and hit up Seven Peaks on Saturday!!! (YAY for summer plans with ma guuuurrllllsss) :) haha

Sunday: Yesterday was a pretty good Sunday. My mom and I went down to see one of our old neighbor girls who just got back from her mission; her mom also threw me a bridal shower. Good to see old neighbors and friends.

After we got home, the family played some games, sat around and chatted, played some hoops, and best of all, waited for the Solar Eclipse!

For those who know me well, I'm a HUGE space nerd!! Astro/Physics was my very first college course I ever took and I instantly fell in love!! I love anything to do with space and can't get enough! I can't even count how many date nights Tys & I have taken to the Clark's Planetarium lol; he's a trooper for putting up with my geeky side, but I think he get's a kick out of the stuff too.

The only other eclipse I've ever seen was in 2007 during the Lunar Eclipse. I remember my mom calling me at my dorm at about 2 or 3 in the morning telling me to go outside and check out the moon. It looked just like this...

It was so amazing! I'm glad my mom realized what a space nerd I had become and knew I wouldn't have wanted to miss it :)

Any who, my step-brothers and I played around in the backyard waiting for the eclipse to take place. I honestly had no idea what to expect; total darkness and the moon moving ever so drastically over the Sun's surface? It started getting cloudy so I was nervous we weren't going to be able to see anything. As boredom took over and I started taking super artistic pictures (enter sarcasm here), I looked straight at the sun through the camera and started to see the eclipse happening! I really got so excited!
It just felt like the right thing to do lol
cute little max
They look too young to be grandparents :)
Enjoy my artistic side ;) 

Although at first the clouds seemed to pose a threat to my astronomical event, they turned out in my favor; I was able to stare directly at the sun, squint, and watch the entire eclipse! yeah, yeah, yeah. I know. You're not supposed to stare at the sun. But I really did feel just fine with all the cloud coverage. Guess we'll see in a few years if all of a sudden I'm more blind than I already am ;).

Unfortunately, after playing with every setting on the camera, my pictures were not turning out. This is how mine turned out, and this is what I was seeing; pictures NEVER do anything justice though :)

It was such a fun night and I'm so happy I was able to catch this event since only a few states in the US could see it! I'm just bummed I didn't have Tyson here with me to share it.

Tyson is doing really well. He definitely misses being home with me and family, but I hope he'll see this experience as beneficial in the end. I say it to him every day but I really am proud of him! It takes a lot to leave your family behind; but he's doing great and learning so much every day.


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