Friday, May 25

Definitely Not a Runner!

Well, not much has happened this week so this post is going to be pretty bland. 

I got bored the other night and decided to color my hair - why not right? lol These pictures are just not capturing what my hair really looks like now so I'm sure you're thinking, "hmmm looks the same to me!" It does look about the same in the pics but really, its darker and in the light has a deep red color to it. I like it on me cuz it makes my green eyes pop with the violet :) 

I know I've heard not to color your hair out of a box but 1) I'm not going to spend $90+ on getting my hair colored anymore 2) it takes about 3 hours in a salon and 3) my hair feels healthier now than it did before I colored it the other day! I also bought Moroccan Oil for my hair and I love it! It makes my hair so shiny and smooth without making it oily; which usually happens pretty quickly with products on my hair. 

So, yes, I condone coloring my hair out of a box because I haven't had a bad experience yet - plus, when it doesn't turn out right, I have no one to blame but myself lol, and I'm okay that :). 

Welcome to my Friday. Off work at 4pm hit up the gym 4:30-6:30 and now enjoying some Edamame and TV on my amazing new couch :). Not too shabby of a night; still wish I was with the hubby though. 

The gym was pretty intense today for me. I saw a fellow High School friend post on Facebook that she ran 1.2 miles in 14 minutes. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!! What better way to spend my time at the gym than silently challenging other's Facebook statuses of how much they lifted, how far they ran, etc? :)  

If you know me, I 100% ABSOLUTELY HATE RUNNING!! My throat gets torn up after just 5 minutes of running; so I knew this was going to be tough. But, I found this challenge on Pinterest: 

UHHH KILL ME!!! I didn't realize how fast 8.0 MPH was let alone 8.5 lol. I can usually run my sprints at a 6.5 and I'm good lol

I didn't finish but I am proud to say I ran 1.2 miles in 11:30 minutes!! I think that was the first time I've ever pushed myself that hard on running. It drained me. But afterwards, I took it slow, did some leg workouts, and got back into my workout routine, and even finished with 30 minutes on the bike - man do I love Cardio Cinema! Nothin like some Harry Potter part 2 to make it go by fast :) 

I was supposed to take a hike with my girls tomorrow, but thanks to the rain and lightening goin down, we have to postpone. I'll be bored house-sitting next week so maybe we'll go then! 

I do have a trip booked out to see Tyson for June 22nd though! So excited and can't wait to see him! Goin on 3 weeks without seeing him so it's pretty tough most days. We're hangin in there though and he's still doing really well out there in NY. Still a proud wifey!

Well, that's about all for now. Told you it wasn't going to be a very entertaining post. :)

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  1. Sar! Seriously what are you doing? Lucas has been gone for a week and I will see him at the end of JUNE! Boo. I'm so boring! Ugh! You inspire me!