Tuesday, May 15

Guess who's back?!

I know, it's been about 4 months since the last update; just went through a phase of not wanting to post and figured sporadic Facebook updates were enough. No? haha I'll do my best. Not to mention, married life got pretty busy around here and now that Tyson is gone (again), I have to find things to keep me busy.

So, I started with the gym - definitely been kickin my butt since I haven't been in about 2 months; chose to stay home after an 8 hour day at work and hang with the hubby rather than go to the gym and focus on me... it was worth it :). But, may have gone overboard yesterday; spent 3 hours working out! YIKES! That's a lot for the 2nd day back! But I didn't just do this because I had no rush to get home to an empty apartment (minus my new very temporary roommate; pic in a minute) but I got off work at 4 and wanted to stay to catch my kickboxing class from 6:30-7:30 (since I gave up on Zumba).

Did I ever mention that I can't stand Zumba? Maybe if I was just flailing around in my own apartment it would be okay, but I just felt like mess at the gym lol. I can dance all sorts of styles, but salsa, etc... definitely not my thing! Now kickboxing on the other hand, OH YEAH! Love sweating and punching my tough frustrations away :).

Any who, like I mentioned, Tyson is gone again. But, I'm doing a little better with this one; not only have we done this separation before and this time it's shorter, but Tys is workin with Vivint and gonna be makin some dough and having a great experience! My brother's buddy got him on at Vivint and they are in New York this summer! I really do hope he enjoys it out there. I know that it's really tough being away from each other again and the work isn't easy, but it's definitely going to be a blessing and benefit in our lives (more than he knows).

Tyson needs his car in New York so what did that mean? You got it.... we drove cross country to get him there! haha oh man, neither of us has driven that far and it was... necessary? lol. We had some really good times and I loved getting to spend the time with him, but really? three 11.5 hour days just driving? kill me. It was rough. But like I said, I loved the quality time with the hubs. And we got to stop in Michigan to see Tyson's sister and her little family; they're poppin out baby #3 next month and we'll get to stop by to see her little girl when we head back to Utah in August.

Speaking of babies... Not only is Tyson's sister due next month, Ryan & Mad are having a baby!!!!! I cannot wait to be an aunt for the first time (by blood) :)! Seriously, I'm already planning little crafts I can make for the nursery and I absolutely can't wait to babysit!!

Ryan & Mad had their 1 year anniversary on April 16th, and that Sunday they came over to my mom's for dinner and Ry said he had an anniversary DVD to show us that he made Madison. So we're watchin it and all of a sudden this slide comes up

I knew right away what it meant but I was too excited to say anything!! Can't wait to have a little tiny one for Thanksgiving! CONGRATS you two!! oh and BTW, is it too much detail to mention they got pregnant 4 days after she went off BC? haha I'm just impressed is all!

Speaking of anniversaries.... We had our 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY yesterday!! I wish I could say how amazing the day was, but I worked, he had a bad day at work, and we weren't together. But Tyson was SO sweet and surprised me with gorgeous flowers delivered to my office! I'm a helpless romantic so I was smiling from ear to ear :).

Being alone for our first anniversary was a lot harder than I expected. I knew I was going to be sad and lonely, but it was kind of an emotionally rough day. I had just gotten back from one of my close sorority sister's temple weddings in Vegas Sunday and I was constantly reminded of our wedding day.

I was so blessed and thankful that Lexie invited me into her sealing ceremony. It really meant so much to me. Lexie's family wasn't all able to be there, but I had the privilege of sitting next to her aunt. I introduced myself as her sorority sister and her aunt said, "I hope you know, you got her here." I wanted to cry right then and there. It was so true and I hope Lexie knows she got me there as well. No matter what trials and temptations we faced in college and growing up, we held onto each other, cried together, laughed together, and had in depth conversations about where we were going after college. We held together as friends and sisters bonded together forever. Cheesy? yeah whatever. It's true. I'm blessed to be tied to SO MANY amazing girls forever.

The eternal ties I made in my sorority and on my wedding day, are something I am grateful for everyday. I know, that no matter what is going on in my life, I always have a sister or a husband to turn to.

People who say how AMAZING marriage is at first, must just be talking about the bedroom fun lol. For real! It's not easy on ANYONE to learn to adjust to a 24/7 opposite sex roommate, having to get used to each other's quirks and habits, and learn to compromise and pick your battles. If you've had a perfect marriage so far, then congrats to you for being the exception ;). This first year of marriage has been quite a roller-coaster in SO many ways, but through help and determination, we're still pushing on and working on "us" every single day. We're becoming closer as best friends and parters for eternity. It's going to be constant strive everyday to work as a team but I know we can do it because we both know what we want.

I'm constantly reminded of one of my favorite sayings "He never said it would be easy, He only said it would be worth it." It's true. If things come too easy, you can lose sight of how important it is to you. You take it for granted. But we are working together as partners to make this marriage stronger everyday; especially before even thinking about throwing a kid into it lol. We wanna be a strong couple before raising a child. And I'm glad we're on the same page to wait a few years :)

Happy 1 year baby! Can't wait for many, many, many more to come :)

Man alive this got long and sappy! haha could you expect anything less with all that's going on around me? :) Hopefully future posts aren't so wordy; I know people like pictures and short paragraphs, but sometimes you just can't help but express your feelings for those you love.

Oh, and before I go, here's a picture of my new roommate
Don't you love his Lion-cut? haha so funny
He's very temporary at the rate he's going; like 'back at my mom's by Sunday' temporary lol. He cries during the night because who knows why... is he lost or something? And cries in the morning to be let out. Sorry buddy, can't let you wander around Midvale; even I wouldn't do that lol. He is the best cuddler though, but nonetheless, just like a reason for not having a baby yet, I cherish every minute of my sleep and I haven't slept well since he's been here. So, Oliver, you have 4 days to shape up! Although, he probably wouldn't mind being back home with his little friends and a mountain to climb around lol.

That's DEFINITELY good for my first post back. Sorry again for the length, but hopefully it was worth getting caught up on the past little while :).



  1. Sarah, I loved this and am so happy your back to blogging!! That is awesome you went to Lexie's wedding and got to see the ceremony! It made me teary you just talking about it! haha I wish I could have been there! Most importantly, Happy Anniversary!!! You two are just the cutest couple ever and I am so happy for you. Year one is def a challenge, but that quote is so true!

  2. I love you Sar! Seriously, you are so strong! I'm thrilled to have you back blogging.. Best of luck!