Sunday, January 22

Coming Home...

I know I posted about my grandpa's book in a past post, but I just want to re-post about it to help get the word out.

My grandpa has written a handful of books and this is just another great addition to his collection. 
"A hardy story of Kalev's flight from communism during World War II; his reunion with his family after decades of separation; and a powerful tribute to the people of Estonia and their fight for freedom." - Lester Perry

Here is the official website where you can read the first chapter, get to know Charles Kalev Ehin, and even order the book for yourself. I was lucky enough to get an autographed copy in person :)

There is even a documentary being worked on by my cousin Matt Sampson who works at Fox 13. 

My grandpa has such an amazing story about his personal strive for freedom as well as Estonia's.

I hope you enjoy :) 


  1. Sarah, thanks for your post, we hike with your grandpa sometimes and I am right now going to order his book. He has been to our literary club talking about his book--the one he first had published.

  2. this book is so interesting and well written. It's a very candid and real experience of a man searching for his history, something we all wish we could do. Diane