Saturday, May 26

It's Christmas!

You heard me right! It's Christmas in May over here at the Buck residence....

Just got this bad boy all set up and I am in love!

I've had my hand-me-down laptop since high school and I knew it was going to just die one day and I'd end up losing everything I have on it, and Tyson's is a hand-me-down from Steve as well, so.... TA-DA! Love love it!

Now we have a main desktop for the both of us to just keep everything in one place and not worry about losing our documents, pictures, music, etc; not to mention, Ryan connected it to my old laptop and my phone so everything is constantly updating to the desktop so I love it even more! And, now I can make our family DVD's in my own home instead of driving all the way to my parent's :)

I chose the keyboard with a 10-key pad cuz my job has made me extremely fast at it so I love not having to type one number at a time at the top of the keyboard.

I also thought I'd try out the Magic Track Pad - It's a mouse and a track pad in one; so far no issues and it's awesome :).

I've ONLY ever known Mac computers/laptops so I knew this would be a great investment ;).

Guess this is how I will be spending the rest of my Saturday; updating everything from my old laptop and getting my settings where I want em.

Continuously Happy Apple Customer :)


  1. mmmhhmmmm... So that's what you do... Buy computers... Let's hope Lucas doesn't stumble across this blog.... hahaha!! Love it! Oh wait, I'm on your blog twice in one day? Commenting? Good reasoning for being alone. :) LOVE YOU

  2. waahooo!! don't you LOVE new computers?? especially MACS!! yeah i have a ghetto lap top and so does kb and his actually did just die ahah and pretty sure i had nothing backed up.. but i pulled out my geeky skills and took his computer apart and got the hard drive up and hooked that baby up and got all his data and pics off and put it all on an external hard drive :) wahoo. so you should back your computers up cause you really never know when they will stop working. it's a very sad day when they do though. but anywhoo love your new IMAC!!! I'm trying to talk kb into letting me get one haha. we shall see what happens. love you sid!!!