Thursday, June 7

Baby Bump Tracker

Maybe a slight chance you thought it was for me? haha sorry to burst your bubble; definitely won't be me for a few years. But, my sister-in-law Madison has been sweet enough to involve me in some of her baby events! We're starting her monthly/weekly baby bump tracker and I love how they're turning out so far.
We'll most likely be doing a different background next time but it'll still be at my mom's house since we love the outdoorsy rock look.

They will make cute babies :)
Can't wait to see her bump grow! We'll be at her Fetal Fotos appointment on Monday! Can't wait to see the little alien inside lol ;)

Thanks Mad (& Ry) for letting me be a part of this :)

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  1. those are the cutest pictures ever!! i wish i would have taken some fun pics like this!!! this is sooo exciting to!! ahh love babies!! ahah