Saturday, June 2

Mother Nature can ruin everything

I can't believe Saturday is almost over! Better hurry and squeeze in some movie/TV time!

I was lucky enough to see my girls AGAIN today! I'm glad we said we were going to play this summer and we actually are! haha love them to pieces!

We went to Mimi's Cafe for breakfast before our hike... well, we didn't actually make it to our hike lol. We were too busy looking for new swimsuits for a day at Seven Peaks "after the hike" lol. We were just moseying around town and before we knew it, it was 2 o'clock. Unfortunately, Mother Nature decided to ruin the rest of our afternoon plans with rain, clouds, and wind.

We thought we could wait it out a bit so we went to get snow cones, but ended up laying out on Haley's tramp and completely passed out for a couple of hours lol. The weather never got better so we just decided that instead of pretending we wanted to do a hike next Saturday, we would just make a day of making sure we were at Seven Peaks (weather permitting of course). I haven't been there since Jr High and I just want some Vitamin D and a wave pool to relax in :)

After hangin with the girls, I decided to see what the fam was up to so I headed up to my mom's. Turns out they were just doing yard work, but I chipped in and helped them pull a tree down and throw it down the mountain in the back yard; well, Alex did most of the pulling but I was definitely a great cheerleader and kept him going :).

That's about all for my Saturday; Tyson had some rough installs today. He knows what he's doing completely, but sometimes problems start happening one after another on jobs. It sounded like everyone got in 3+ jobs today so that's always a success! I'm sure he's ready for his day off tomorrow.

BTW, can I just tell you how SICK I am of our neighbors below us??!! Even as I'm writing this, some strange noise is going on! It starts at 6am and occurs off and on all day until about 11pm. Tyson and I can't even explain what the noise is; and that's what makes it that much worse - not knowing what it is! At first we thought it was just them moving in and hanging things on walls and what not, but obviously not because 2 months later it's still happening every day. It almost sounds like something being rolled on a wall or on the floor. Not even sure if they have a kid. Maybe it's a meth lab or something lol But seriously!! KNOCK IT OFF!  I've already banged on the floor and walls and even left a note from the "rest of the neighbors" lol. Don't people know that they are not the only ones living in this giant apartment complex - be a little more courteous please.

Thanks for letting me vent :) 

Hope everyone has a good rest of their weekend!

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