Wednesday, June 22

Date-night with the Ehins

Tyson & I love hanging out with Ryan & Madison. We really always have so much fun no matter what we're doing. We want to start a little tradition; dinner together once a week (or every other). Last night, Tyson and I drove to their apartment in Lehi. 
Ryan and Madison made dinner . . . . 
Pork burrito recipe from Cafe Rio *not actual picture
. . . and Tyson and I made dessert. . . 
Strawberries/bananas/pound cake/raspberries with whipped cream-pudding *not actual picture
Also had Nutella with Peanut Butter to dip everything in as well *not actual picture
The dips are so yummy! The first one i ended up creating on accident. It's nothing too fancy - just a pint of real whipping cream, add sugar and blend until nice and thick. Then just add 1 package of vanilla pudding (already refrigerated and firm) stir and keep cold. its SO good! The chocolate dip is just Nutella and chunky peanut butter (I got the idea from Melting Pot). I love them so much and I think I got Madison hooked :) 
The rest of the night was pretty chill. The boys ended up playing Mortal Kombat 9 . . . 

. . . and Madison and I just chatted and Facebook stalked (yes, we probably stalked you ;) lol).  

We actually found some super cute blog sites for sewing and quilt work, etc. on Cluck Cluck Sew
I made a HUGE t-shirt quilt for my step-dad for Christmas (which I vowed I would never make again; it ended up being about 10ft x 8ft big!) so Madison wants some help on sewing a quilt for her place. We both LOVE these pillows and I want to start making one once I'm done with my dad's birthday project. 

Ryan is so funny when Mortal Kombat comes on. Literally, once the start screen is on, you can't get one word out of him he's so focused; it's hysterical! He did stop every few minutes so I could read off some secret codes I found online; it seriously reminded me of when Ryan bought the first game in 1994(5). He would NEVER let me play, but I sat by his side reading off the plays from his cheat books for hours on end. Anything to get my big brother to play with me :). 

This picture makes me laugh and describes their night...
There's Ryan and his focused-face, and Tyson going nuts because they're about to win! haha good times. 

Tyson and I had such a fun time, the four of us are already planning quick getaways and more hangout dates

Love you two and thanks for having us over!

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