Wednesday, June 15

We Made It!

We made it one month! Not a huge accomplishment but hey, it's an anniversary to celebrate.

Tys & I decided to change it up a bit and take TRAX to downtown SLC for the evening. It was a fun change but TRAX wasn't even close to being timely and it can get a bit sketchy! But nonetheless, good times as always :).
We decided to keep it chill and just eat at Applebees since Tyson wasn't really feeling anything else that the Gateway had. But we got free drinks and it was yummy :).
We wanted to go to a show at the Planetarium but all of the good ones had ended by the time we got there, so we just wandered the exhibits and gadgets area. I seriously could be in that place all day. EVERYTHING about space fascinates me! Tyson thinks I am such a nerd, but ever since I took my Astro-physics class at the U my Freshman year, I have been obsessed! It's my happy place :)
Look how gorgeous! It's absolutely amazing! :)

Everyone always said we would love marriage; and even though the tension can rise while we continuously grow and learn to work together, I know everything will be perfectly fine in the end. 

"He never said it would be easy; He only said it would be worth it" 
. . . . And so far, it really is. 


  1. I think you guys may be one of the cutest couples ever. I agree with you about TRAX we thought it would be fun to take it with Ashley and her kids one day, and you're right it took FOREVER! And talk about Sketchy oh yeah... Your blog is so well done I bet you have a huge following. Keep it up! XOXO

  2. oh no, you are going to be one of those girls that celebrates each month! hahaha, well I guess its good that you're atleast celebrating....